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Potato Chips Day- March 14

The Potato chip snack day, or potato chips day, is a day celebrated on March 14 in honor of the salty and delicious snack.
The story behind the invention of the snack is funny: One day in 1853 Cornelius Vanderbilt, an American tycoon, arrived at the Moon Lake Lodge restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York, and asked for potatoes. The restaurant's chef, George Cram, served him crisp potatoes but Vanderbilt complained that they were not crunchy enough, too thick and useless. Chef Kram took the potatoes back to the kitchen, sprinkled them and salted them and served them again to Vanderbilt. But the tycoon was no longer satisfied. So again and again the potatoes returned to the kitchen and spread and salted until they were very thin and salty. Vanderbilt was actually pleased with the final result, and after more customers were enthusiastic about the thin, salty potato slices, they decided to add the dish to the restaurant menu and called it "potato chips". Since Karam was a native African, he could not register his invention as a patent in his name in the United States at the time.
Another version says the snack was invented after Kram's sister sliced ​​a too thin potato and the slice fell into hot oil. Kram loved the result and decided to make it a serving in the restaurant.
In the 1920s, potato chips began to be marketed in the shops after entrepreneur Hermann Leigh invented a potato-making device. At first they marketed the snack in tin cans, and in 1926, Laura Skoder invented the sealed bag by adding two wax papers, and after the cellophane was invented, the potato chip began to be marketed in sealed bags, and the snack became popular and began to be produced in large quantities.

How to celebrate the day of the potato chips?
Buy a bag of potato chips, eat it with salsa sauce, tomato sauce, garlic sauce or nothing and enjoy.

French Fries Day- July 13

French fries are one of the most popular foods in the world. There is almost no restaurant serving Western food that does not offer French fries as a supplement.
The history of French fries

In a handwriting of a family from a small village in Belgium in 1781, one can find a story about making fries. They used to cut the potatoes in the form of fish, fry them and serve them as a replacement for the fish, when the rivers froze and it was impossible to fish.
So why call french fries if they are originally from Belgium? The reason is that in World War I, soldiers arrived in Belgium and met the Belgian fries. Because the official language of the Belgian army was French, they attributed the French fries to France and called them "fried French". In this part of the world the fries are now called "Flemish fried" and are so beloved that they have even become the national snack of the Netherlands.

How to celebrate French Fries Day?
You can have a party where the main course is french fries, and in different styles. You can eat potato chips, classic fries, French fries like McDonald's, Zig Zag french fries, and more. You can add ketchup, mayonnaise, chopped onion, a thousand island sauce, cheese, cream or whatever you like.
You can eat fried or baked fries, in the oven or in the microwave, as you like.
So eat lots of French fries and have a happy French Fries day!

In the picture: A hamburger without fries is like a celebration without a cake, a film without popcorn, a snail without a shell, a cake without sugar, falafel without tahini, strawberries without whipped cream, etc.

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