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Balloons Around the World Day- The first Wednesday in October

Today is an informal holiday, created by Jeff Brown of Alaska in 2000. The holiday is designed to encourage people to use balloons and the art of balloon folding to make people around them smile. Balloon artists all over the world are invited on this day to distribute designed balloons to passers-by, employees who serve the public and children.

The balloons are a kind of inflatable bags made of rubber or latex that can be filled with air or helium gas. They are usually colored and come in the form of a circle or a long tube that can be folded.
In the distant past, in pre-Columbus America and ancient China, balloons were made from animal blisters. 

The first rubber balloons were invented in 1824. Professor Michael Faraday used them for his experiments at the Royal Institute in London. He used them to contain gases he had experimented with, especially hydrogen.
In 1847 the modern rubber resin balloon was invented as it is sold today by G.I. Jay Ingram in London. Mass production of the balloons began in 1930.

How to celebrate Balloons Around the World Day?
Have a party and use balloons for decoration.
Learn how to make balloons in the shape of animals, objects and symbols.
If you already know how to make balloon decorations, make some and give random people on the street see them smiling.
You can also take advantage of this special day for a balloon ride.

When is Balloon Day around the world coming up in the coming years?

2021- October 6th
2022- October 5th
2023- October 4th
2024- October 2nd
2025- October 1st

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