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Sandwich day- November 3

Sandwich Day is celebrated every year on November 3rd.
The sandwich is so popular and every day millions of people eat it in different versions. The sandwich is a dish made up of two slices of bread with a spread of something, a piece of meat, a slice of cheese, and a variety of other vegetables (but not necessarily).
The sandwich is an excellent solution for those who need to take packaged food when they leave the house, and a lot of kids take a sandwich to school for a break of ten.

The name Sandwich was given to him on the 18th-century English lord John Montaguio. John Montaguio was the fourth Duke of Sandwich, an English town in Kent County. Montaguio was so fond of betting that when he was hungry he did not want to stop eating, so he asked his servants to serve him two slices of bread with a piece of meat between them.
The popular additions to the sandwich are yellow cheese, tuna, chocolate spread, sausage, omelette and more. You can also make very creative sandwiches like here:

Vegans also have a lot of things to put in a sandwich - from chickpeas, tehina, and chocolate spread (non dairy) to soy-based cheeses and Wheat gluten sausages.

It is recommended to eat the sandwich from a whole wheat bread that contains protein, vitamins, fiber and more, and healthier than the white bread, which contains mainly sugar. Another recommendation is to put in the sandwich fresh vegetables.
Anyone can enjoy a sandwich without exception!

How to celebrate Sandwich Day?
what a question? make a good sandwich, with as many spreads and slices and vagetables as possible, open a big big mouth and eat. Bon appetite!

November 3 is also Housewife's day and Jellyfish Day

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