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True Confessions Day- March 15

True Confessions Day is a day that takes place every year on March 15, the purpose of which is to confess and discover the truth in order to liberate the mind and reach inner peace. Each of us has secrets that we do not tell. These can be small or big secrets. The secrets gnaw at our psyche and make us feel stressed and guilty. Secrets destroy relationships because they cause us to hide and sometimes lie more and more, until a little secret becomes a pile of lies that undermines trust.

Confession is the best way to stop with the secrets and get away from guilt. When we reveal our secrets, we may be hurt by the results, such as being angry with us or severing ties with us. But on the other hand, the feeling of liberation after we discovered the secret is worth it. Besides, whoever truly loves us will stay with us even after he discovers our worst secrets.

The source of True Confessions Day

True Confessions Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy from the Wellcat website. Their contention is that confession is good for the soul. If you're going to work, tell it all. If you are planning to stay home, make an appointment with the mirror and tell it everything.

Not sure they are the ones who invented this day, but its purpose according to all the publications about it is that this day is meant to motivate people to confess guilt or secrets in order to move forward from troubles and clear their conscience.

How to celebrate True Confessions Day?

Celebrating the day of confession of truth is very simple. Make a true confession about the secret that oppresses you in front of your loved ones. This way you will be left without guilt and relaxed by releasing this secret that you have kept in your stomach for so long. Confessing to the secret will create openness in the relationship and make it stronger. In case the discovery of the secret will ruin the relationship, a sign that it was not good for you in the first place. Encourage other people around you to confess to feeling good. If you still do not want to share your secret with others, write it down in a diary or stand in front of the mirror to confess. Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #TrueConfessionsDay.

March 15 is also World Consumer Rights Day and Brutus Day

Day of telling the truth- 7 July

What happen if one day a year, we all tell the truth to each other? What would happen if there was a day when cheating and lying were forbidden? It turns out that there is a day like this, and it takes place on July 7 each year. On July 7 they tell each other the truth in their faces. It is today to discover that things are different from what you thought and what they told you. It's the day to tell people what you really think about, tell your buyers the truth about the product you sell, come out of the closet, tell your partner that you love or want to leave, tell the real reason for your delay and say the truth instead of the lie you are used to Invent. 

If we admit it, we all lie on a daily basis and the day we tell the truth can complicate things, but the truth is our best friend. To tell the truth is to live like we really are, without masks and no plays. Although there is a price to pay, but in the end we are the ones who live with ourselves all of life, so isn't it better to live the way we really are?

Why the day of telling the truth takes place on July 7?

The reason for this is that on July 7, 1881, the first chapter of Pinocchio, one of the most famous liars in literature, was published by the writer Carlo Collodi (whose real name was Carlo Lorenzini). Whenever Pinocchio was lying, his nose would lengthen.

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