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Weatherman's Day - 5 February

We'll see you get along one day without the weather forecast. How will you know what to wear? Where can I go? What to take with you on the trip?
We may not be aware of it, but forecasters have a huge impact on our lives. Thanks to them we know when to go on trips and when not. Farmers know how to care for their crops. It is possible to plan cruises and flights. Know whether to wear long or short clothes and whether to take an umbrella and a coat. Without them it is simply impossible.
It is true that sometimes there are mistakes, but most of the time they are right and we depend on them and the origin of their mouths to get along.

Weatherman's Day was created to honor the meteorological workers and say thank you to them.
Man did not always know how to predict the weather as accurately as he does today.
Ancient cultures would have predicted the weather through signs in nature.
The spiders were the first to herald the coming of winter, as they weave their webs in front of the wind, in anticipation of insects being flown towards them.
The swallows announce that the rain is near and it is time to plant and sow when they fly higher than usual in the sky.
The Luo people in Nyanza County, Kenya, knew the rain was coming a week after the emeralds (roses) bloomed. White flowers marked a very rainy season and orange flowers marked a poor rainy season.
The Abasaba fishermen in Kenya saw swirls over the lake as a sign of rain.
Today there are more reliable ways to gather information about the expected weather. There is a cloud radar, climograph and synoptic map.

February 5 is also Nutella Day and Chocolate Fondue Day

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