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Yo-Yo Day - June 6

 Yo-Yo Day is celebrated every year on June 6th.

The yo-yo is a toy made up of two discs of equal size, made of plastic, metal or wood, and connected to each other in the middle of a hinge around which a wire is wound. To play yo-yo grab the wire at the end, throw it away from the body and yo-yo jumps down and returns up to the hand.

What makes Yo-Yo go back up is the gyroscopic inertia, the force in motion that causes the object to return to the state it was in.

The reason for choosing June 6 as the yo-yo day is unknown, but it may be because it is the birthday of Donald F. Duncan Sr., the American businessman who introduced the yo-yo into business and successfully marketed it as a modern toy in the 1930s. Duncan is sometimes mistaken for the invention of the yo-yo.

Yo-yo has a very long history. As early as 500 BC there is evidence that it was played in ancient Greece.

After the dolls, the yo-yo is the second oldest toy in the world.

Yo-yo became a popular toy in the ancient world through trade. He came to Scotland, England, India and Egypt and became a favorite game there as well.

To the modern world yo-yo came from the Philippines. In Filipino the origin of the name is "Tagalog" which means "to walk around".

In 1866 James L. Haven and Charles Hettrich patented  Yo-Yo's in U.S. But yo-yo became a success story in 1928, when Pedro Flores, an American of Filipino descent, opened a yo-yo factory in Santa Barbara, California.

National Yo Yo day

How to celebrate Yo-Yo Day?

It is best to celebrate this day in a yo-yo competition, where everyone brings their unique yo-yo and together throws them. The winner is the one who managed to make his yo-yo fall down and come back up the longest, without stopping and without getting involved.

You can also learn to do very complicated and impressive tricks with your own yo, as in the video here:

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June 6 is also Russian Language Day 

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