Cakes Day- July 20

International Cakes day is celebrated on July 20 each year, starting in 2011. This day was founded by a group called the Milansky Club of the Kingdom of Love, and their motto is: I cake you. Members of this club are musicians, players, experts in cakes and cake lovers. This creative union led to the creation of "musical cakes". Each year the theme of the musical cakes is different. In the first year the theme of the cake was "Sweet Dream", the following year "Pink Panther" and in 2014 the theme was "The Star Parade".
The most famous sentence in history about cakes is probably the sentence of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France during the French Revolution - "S'ils n'ont pas de pain, qu'ils mangent de la brioche" (in English: "If they have no bread, let them To eat cakes! Or Brioche, to be exact), a little while before her head was beheaded. The cake symbolized at that time the insensitivity of the wicked kings who lived in wealth and welfare while the people were starving. But despite its bad name, the cake has since symbolized good things like celebrations. In every event that is celebrated the cake is a necessary part, so it is probably a duty to devote a special day, and of course cake should be prepared.
Some of the countries participating in the celebration are: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel and the United States.
Because we love cakes very much, we are very kind and willing to join the festivities. How do you do that? Just organize a meeting with loved ones and serve a good cake, you can also more than one.

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