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World Baking Day- May 17

Now is the time to dig in the drawer and take out the rolling pin, make a pastry, and celebrate the World Day of baking!
The World Baking Day is held every year on the third Thursday of May, where you can prepare everything baked in the oven - cakes, cookies, pies, pies, rolls, bread and any pastry that comes to your mind.

Baking is a method of preparing food by heating the oven oven compartment with the food inside it.

When it comes to baking, it is usually baking bread, cakes or meat.

This method of preparing food has existed since prehistoric times when humans began baking bread.

During baking, cooked food loses fluids and dries. Different baking methods solve this problem, which can lead to the burning of the food by adding liquids (sauce) during baking, around the baked food or on it, or by covering the surface of the food with an oily substance such as oil or butter to reduce the loss The liquids.

Baking is usually done in the oven. The oven is electrically heated, cooking gas, or other heating materials. There are baking styles that are not using an oven, which uses a hot fire blaze, hot stones placed in a hole or a hot metal plate.

How to celebrate World Baking Day?

Surprise friend, neighbor or relative with a delicious sweet or savory baked treat and let them know how much you care about them.

Chocolate Chip Day- May 15

Who doesn't like chocolate chips?
Chocolate chips are a great addition to cakes, cookies, ice cream, pancakes, malawach, crepes, chocolate, coffee and even as a snack alone.

To celebrate the chocolate Chip day, add chocolate chips to all kinds of things as we listed earlier, or prepare something special with chocolate chips.
Chocolate Chip Day- May 15

You can also arrange chocolate chips in special shapes like smiling faces or write something. Chocolate chips can also be an excellent decoration for cakes.
happy chocolate chips day

Who Invented the Chocolate Chips?
Like many things in life, chocolate chips were invented by accident. It began with the first chocolate chip crate prepared in 1937 by Ruth Wakefield from the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. She wanted to make chocolate cake, but she was out of cocoa powder. So she mixed pieces of dark chocolate in the cookies with cookies. The cookies were a great success. In 1939, Wakefield signed an agreement with Nestle whereby the company would add its recipe to cookies for its chocolate packaging, and it would receive an unlimited supply of chocolate. At first Nestle added a small cutting tool to her chocolate tables. In 1941, Nestle began to produce the chocolate shaped chips. A few other companies followed suit.
Nestlé also has a chocolate chip brand called "Toll House" after the inn where the cookies were invented.

Vanilla Cupcake Day - November 10th

Vanilla Cupcake Day is a special day for cupcake lovers with a vanilla flavor designed to cherish the little cake and celebrate its existence.

The cupcake was invented in the United States in 1796 when the recipe for a cake baked in small cups was written in the cookbook - American Cookery (by Emilia Simmons). 

The earliest documentation of the term cupcake was in 1828 in the book "Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats" by Eliza Leslie, a popular recipe writer from Philadelphia who lived in the 19th century.

The cupcakes got their name because of their baking in a cup-shaped mold. In the UK they are called Fairy Cakes and in Australia Patty Cakes. The vanilla cupcakes are made by adding vanilla extract to the cake batter and icing or any topping.

Did you know? Vanilla is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world, second only to saffron.


The vanilla plant is first cultivated by the people of the Totonak on the east coast of Mexico. The spice came to Europe by the Spaniards in the 16th century by the conqueror Hernan Cortes, the man who also brought the chocolate to Europe. Rumor has it that Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, is the one who brought vanilla from France to America in the late 19th century, after tasting vanilla-flavored cream ice cream in Paris.

By the end of the 19th century, Mexico had produced almost all of the vanilla in the world. Today, however, it produces only about 10% of the world's total production of the spice. Madagascar and Indonesia now produce most of the vanilla in the world.

Despite the expense involved, vanilla is one of the most sought after flavors in the world. Today, it is used in a variety of food items, including cakes, ice creams and beverages; And products like perfumes and candles.

The reason for choosing the date of November 10 today is the vanilla cupcake is unknown.


How to celebrate Vanilla Cupcake Day?

Make vanilla cupcakes and serve them to family, friends and co-workers as well. If you do not have someone to eat with you, not the end of the world. You can eat alone and keep the rest in the freezer.


November 10 is also World Science Day for Peace and Development and Sesame Street Day

Apples Strudel Day- June 17

June 17 is the day of apple strudel, a pie invented in Austria, whose name in German is 'apfelstrudel'. As the name of the cake indicates, it is made of a coarse dough with apples in it. The dough is rolled up with crushed apples, nesting and raisins, baked in the oven and crispy, and served with powdered sugar and cream. 

The oldest strudel recipes are from 1696, in handwritten cookbooks in the Vienna City Library (formerly Wiener Studtbiilotk).

The German word strudel means a vortex, which describes exactly how the layers of pastry wrap the filling. 

The character Strudel @ - reminiscent of the way the dough is rolled. At home you can make a strudel easyily, using layers of filo dough filled with cooked apples. 

How to celebrate the Apple Strudel Day? 

Eat a hot apple strudel, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, hear Mozart (an Austrian composer) and sing a yodel.

 June 17 is also Iceland's National Day

Apple Pie Day- May 13

Apple pie is one of the most favorite desserts in the United States and Europe. May 13 is a day devoted to the apple pie.
The first recipe for apple pie printed on paper is from England, from year 1381. The list of ingredients included in the recipe was: good apples, good spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron and a dough.
Apple pie was a popular food in homes in the United States in the eighteenth century, just before the European colonization of America. In order to distinguish between the old Americans and the new immigrants, they would say: "American like apple pie" which meant "typical American" .
In the 19th and 20th centuries the apple pie became a symbol of American prosperity and national pride.
The newspapers wrote that during the Second World War, when journalists asked the American soldiers why they were going to war, their answer was: "For Mom and for Apple Pie".

In 1970, advertisers used an advertising jingle in the patriotic essay: "Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Chevy."
New Mexico has a city called Apple pie, named after Apple Pie.


There are lots of recipes for apple pie online. So for the apple pie day, prepare yourself or go eat apple pie in a cafe. The most delicious is an apple pie with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream on the side. The apple pie day is celebrated in the US by apple pie eating, preparing the biggest pie contests and more.

May 13 is also Hummus Day

Black Forest Cake Day - March 28

March 28 is a special day of the year dedicated to the corrupt dessert that originated in Germany, the Black Forest Cake. In German the cake is called Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, which means "cherry pie of the Black Forest".

The Black Forest cake is named after the special drinks (Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser - cherry liqueur) of the Black Forest region (Schwarzwald) in southwestern Germany.

The cake is made from several layers of chocolate cake between whipped cream and cherries. On the top layer, decorate the cake with whipped cream, maraschino cherries and chocolate chips. In the United States bakers usually do not use alcohol. However, in Germany, liqueur is a must-have ingredient. Otherwise, the cake cannot be legally sold under the name Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte.

Confectioner Josef Keller (1887–1981) claimed to have invented the Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte in its present form in 1915 and served it at the Agner Cafe in Bad Godesberg, now a suburb of Bonn, about 500 km north of the Black Forest. His claim has never been proven.

The Black Forest cake was first mentioned in writing in 1934, in the cookbook Konditorei-Spezialitäten und wie sie entstehen. At the time it was popular in Berlin, but also available at high-class confectioners in other cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In 1949 the Black Forest cake was ranked 13th on the list of best known German cakes.

Beyond the history of the cake, bakers and confectioners love to create elegant displays when baking the Black Forest cake. The combination of rich chocolate layers with a contrasting color and bold red cherries offer bakers the option to design stunning cakes. The interpretations given to the cake produce a host of spoiled desserts that are a lust for the palate and eyes.

Where is the Black Forest?

The Black Forest is located at the southwestern tip of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The forest is bounded by the border with Switzerland to the south and France (River Rhine) to the west. The city of Freiburg, located on the western border of the Black Forest, is the largest city in the region and is considered a "gateway to the Black Forest." The ancient town of Baden-Baden is a well-known place in the Black Forest and popular with tourists thanks to its hot springs.

How to celebrate Black Forest Cake Day?

Black Forest Cake Day can be celebrated by eating a black forest cake of course. The cake can be found in cafes and confectioneries. You can also make a black forest cake yourself.

March 28 is also Weed Appreciation Day

black forest day

Chocolate Souffle Day- February 28

Chocolate soufflé is one of the most delicious desserts there is. The soufflé is a light, airy pastry made mostly of protein foam. The original recipe for chocolate souffle appeared in the French book Le Cuisinier Moderne, by Chef Vincent Le Chapel, circa 1742.

The source of the name Souffle is the French word souffler which means "swell" or "explode".

In restaurants and cafes, a dessert is often served, called chocolate soufflé, which is a chocolate cake with liquid chocolate in it. This cake is not chocolate soufflé. It mainly contains flour and is therefore more stable. The dessert served in restaurants is usually chocolate fondant, which is also delicious in itself.

The soufflé is made from a batter or cream that gives it its flavor and a foam of proteins that give it the airiness and volume.

The soufflé is considered one of the most difficult pastries, and the great fear of it is that "the soufflé will fall" after investing so much in preparing it. During the baking process, it boils in the oven and remains in the apple state for about twenty to thirty minutes. A change in air pressure or a rapid change in temperature causes its fall. When removed from the oven, it loses its height within 5-10 minutes, so it is customary to prepare it "ah-la-minut" (shortly before serving it) and serve it immediately after baking.

The soufflé is baked in round personal patterns and is usually served in a pan, because it is so fragile and airy.

In honor of the chocolate souffle day, make a souffle from one of the many recipes on the chain, and if that does not work out, do not give up, who said that only today can you make chocolate soufflé? Chocolate soufflé can and should be prepared all year round.

In the photo: Chocolate soufflé prepared from a mixture of chocolate soufflé in 3 minutes (link)

February 28 is also Tooth Fairy Day and Rare Illness Day

Carrot Cake Day- February 3

Carrot cake is one of the most genius pieces in the baking world. It is soft, juicy and tasty, and contains carrots in its dough. 

The history of carrot cake  
The first carrot cake was inspired by the favorite medieval dessert, carrot pudding.  
Many times in history, when sugar was hard to come by and even impossible, people used sweet vegetables to make desserts.  
In World War II, the British government allocated a very small amount of sugar products to the residents, so the popularity of the carrot cake that each carrot can grow in the garden has increased greatly.  


Carrot cake also appears in comic context and jokes. 
Such as the joke about the rabbit entering the bakery on Sunday and asking, "Do you have carrot cake?" The seller says no. On Monday he comes in again and asks, "Do you have carrot cake?" And again the seller answers his no. And so on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In honor of Friday, the seller decides to make a surprise for the rabbit. He asks the shopkeeper to make a carrot cake for the rabbit. And indeed, on Friday the rabbit enters the bakery and asks, "Do you have a carrot cake?" "Yes!" The seller enthusiastically answers. 
Rabbit says: "Isn't that icky?"
How to make a carrot cake- link
How to celebrate Carrot Cake Day?
For Carrot Day, you can visit your local bakery and buy a carrot cake. You can make a carrot cake easily according to the recipe on the link. No matter where you get a carrot cake, today is the day to eat it without guilt and enjoy every crumb.

February 3rd is also Golden Retriever Day and Setsubun

Chocolate Cake Day - January 27

Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated in honor of the most favorite cake of the people in the world. The cake with which most events are celebrated like birthday, anniversary, recruitment or bachelorette party, wedding and more and more is a chocolate cake because it is both the easiest to make and loved by almost everyone.
The chocolate cake recipe usually includes flour, eggs, sugar, cocoa powder or dark chocolate (which gives the cake the taste and color of the chocolate), oil or butter and leavening ingredients like baking soda (if you do not use puffed flour).
Of course you can also make a vegan chocolate cake, without milk and eggs, and a gluten-free chocolate cake without flour.

The history of chocolate cake
In the United States, chocolate was mainly consumed as a beverage until the 1930s and 1940s. Chocolate cakes as they are today, usually did not exist.
According to old records, the chocolate cake was born in 1765, when a chocolate maker Dr. James Baker ground an old cocoa bean between huge millstones to make a thick syrup, the liquid produced would be poured into cake molds, but from there it would turn into a drink.
In 1828, Coenraad van Houten from the Netherlands developed a mechanical extraction method for extracting fat from cocoa drinks, resulting in cocoa butter and cocoa solids that could be sold either as chocolate bars or as cocoa powder. Chocolate became a drink of the rich, a snack that the masses could enjoy.
A process for making a smoother chocolate called "conching" was developed in 1879 by the Swiss Rudolf Lindt and made baking easier with chocolate, as it was seamlessly and fully integrated into the baking of the cakes. Lindt is the founder of the elite Swiss chocolate company Lindt, which produces chocolate in a variety of types to this day.
Until almost the end of the 19th century, chocolate recipes were mainly aimed at chocolate drinks, their presence in cakes was only in filling and glazing. In 1886, American cooks began adding chocolate to the cake batter, to make the first chocolate cakes in the United States.

How to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day?
What better way to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day than to make a delicious chocolate cake yourself? There are a million chocolate cake recipes online. For example, if you want a very quick and easy chocolate cake to make, you can go to Link or Fur Chocolate Cake. If the cake comes out too thin for you, you can make another one, spread cream and make a cake in layers. The chocolate cake can be coated in cream, chocolate ganache, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and add candies, strawberries and endless options for decoration. Do not forget to respect others and do not eat all the delicious cake alone!
Picture: Chocolate cake with whipped cream icing, melted chocolate and strawberries

Pie Pastry Day - January 23

National Pie Day is an annual celebration of the pie pastry that takes place annually in the United States on January 23rd. Do not confuse pie day with pie day, which takes place on March 14.
The founder of Pie Day is a nuclear scientist, brewer and teacher named Charlie Papazian of Boulder, Colorado, who announced in the mid-1970s his personal birthday, January 23, as Pie Day. Since 1986 it has become a national day under the auspices of the American Pie Council.
In 2014, the American Pie Council collaborated with the film company Paramount to promote Pie Day and the romantic thriller film “Labor Day” which features a pie-making scene that appears prominently (the film was also released a few days after National Pie Day).

The Pie Board has distributed a poster of the film to pie shops and bakeries where the stars of the film, Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin and Gatlin Griffith are seen in the cake making scene. The choice of film to promote Pie Day has been criticized because the film tells the story of a fugitive killer who kidnaps from the supermarket a single mother and son and imprisons them in their home. Although a close bond is formed between them where they, among other things, make a pie together, but still, the choice is problematic. The poster reads: "It makes the time we spend together, just a little sweeter. Pie. Catch a slice of life."

The pie is a pastry in a round pan with low sides that are filled with salty or sweet fillings. The pie can be used as a cake with fruit, whipped cream, cheese, chocolate, custard, nuts, etc., or as a pie with meat or meat substitutes, fish, vegetables and more.
How to celebrate Pie Day?
Of course the best way to celebrate Pie Day is to eat your favorite pie, at home or in a cafe. Many cafes serve a pie with a savory filling or a sweet dessert with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream next to it. If you are in the US, there are many businesses that offer slices of pie in honor of Pie Day at special discounts or even for free when buying a meal, you can see the list here.

Whipped Cream Day- January 5

The whipped cream is a national holiday in the United States, but there is no reason why it should not be celebrated all over the world, because the cream can be part of any dessert, and it improves and upgrades every cake, ice cream ball, hot chocolate cake, fruit salad or strawberries.

The whipped cream was popular in the 16th century, and it appeared in the writings of Cristoforo di Messisbugo (Ferrara, 1549), Bartolomeo Scappi (Rome, 1570), Lancelot de Casteau (Liege, 1,604). The whipped cream was then called milk snow and consisted of whipped egg whites, rose water and sugar.
The whipped cream in a tank with nitrogen oxide was invented in 1930 by Charles Getz and Frederick Smith who worked for GFS Chemicals and Marshal Reinka. Both patents were filed and discussed later. Getz's patent was considered illegal but later confirmed in the appeal.
How to celebrate the day of whipped cream?
Very simple - add cream to your coffee, eat strawberries with whipped cream, cake with whipped cream or take a whipped cream container and just squirt whipped cream into your mouth!

January 5 is also Bird Day

Cupcakes coloring pages

Coloring pages of cupcakes. Cupcake is a small personal cake that you can be very creative with and decorate with lots of decorations and shapes, which a small and boring cake can turn into an impressive work of art. In British English cupcake is also a fairy cake and for Australians it is a fairy cake, a cup cake and a patty cake. The cake is meant for one person, so it can be made special for someone special. It can be baked in a small mold made of silicone, aluminum or special baking paper.
The first mention of a cupcake in history is from 1796, in an American cookbook written by Emilia Simmons, about "a cake baked in small cups." 
Here you will find coloring pages of cupcakes you can paint as  you like with your creative mind. 
You're always welcome to come back for more cupcakes coloring pages. To print the coloring page, click on it and it will open in a new window. You can save it on your computer and print or print from the new window. Have fun coloring!

cupcake coloring page
cute cupcake coloring page
cupcake with cute face coloring book
cute funny cupcake coloring book
cutie kawaii cupcake anime style coloring page
cute funny creamy cupcake coloring page
funny cupcake for halloween
creamy cupcake with cute face kawaii coloring page
cute cat in cupcake coloring page
cute kitten cupcake catcake
cute puppy dog cupcake coloring page
puppy in cupcake puppycake
cute small dog in cupcake coloring page
cute cat kitty cupcake anime style catcake
bunny in cupcake coloring page
cute bunny cupcake coloring page
decorative cupcake coloring page
cupcake hearts stars cicles coloring page

National Brownies Day - December 8

National Brownies Day is celebrated on December 8 every year. The brownies are a type of chocolate cake cut into squares, named after their brown color. The chocolate cake from which the brownies are cut is very low and thick, and is often filled with nuts (especially walnuts), chocolate chips or peanut butter.

The homeland of the brownies is the United States and they usually serve them with ice cream or whipped cream.

There is an urban legend that tells that the cookies were accidentally invented by a scattered cook who forgot to add to the chocolate cake he made baking powder. This story has no evidence.

Another version says that the cookies were invented in 1893, during the Chicago World Expo in Chicago at the Palmer House Hotel.

The hotel owner's wife, Bertha Palmer, asked the hotel's pastry chef to make a suitable dessert for the women who attended the show that would be small enough to fit in lunch boxes or low and small that they could eat with a napkin without getting dirty. The result was the Palmer House brownies with walnuts on top and apricot glaze.

Today the modern Palmer House Hotel serves the brownies as a dessert to its guests made from the same recipe and to this day it is one of the hotel's most beloved desserts. The original recipe of the Palmer House.

The brownies were first mentioned by name in the The 1897 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Catalog.

1897 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue - page 16 (link)

The brownies have a golden version - the blondies that have a special day on January 22nd.

In 1907 a new recipe for the brownies appeared in the Lowney's Cook Book, by  Maria Willet Howard who adapted the recipe of the Boston School of Cooking for "Bangor's Brownies." She added more egg and more chocolate to the recipe and created a richer dessert. Her recipe is named after the town of Bangor in the state of Maine which was the birthplace of the housewife who claimed to have invented the original recipe of the brownies.

The claim that the housewife from Bangor was the inventor of the brownies was refuted in "The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink" which states that there are cookbooks from 1904 that already included a recipe for brownies identical to Bangor's brownies.

Cool fact - the brownie fairy is a little dwarf that appears in British folklore, who comes home at night and performs household chores if the household members left him a bowl of milk or cream on the fireplace.

How to celebrate National Brownies Day?

There are so many brownie recipes, that it's not a problem to find a recipe for making brownies at any level of preparation and with any ingredient you fancy. Make classic brownies or with crazy ingredients like candies, pretzel chips, salty snacks or whatever you want to try and vary. Give to friends, neighbors or family and do not eliminate everything alone!

Post your brownies photos and recipes on social media with the hashtag #browniesday

December 8 is also Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

Bavarian Cream Cake Day - November 27

Love cakes with cream? If so, this day is for you. November 27 is Bavarian Cream Cake Day, a day dedicated to the invention of Bavarian cream that has become one of the most popular desserts, alongside tiramisu and baklava.


The history of Bavarian cream cake
The Bavarian cream is believed to have originated in the 17th and 18th centuries, when French chefs prepared it for the House of Nobility Wittelsbach, a German family that ruled Bavaria, a state in Germany, from the 12th century until 1918.
Marie Anthony Carma, a French chef who created the "high art" of French cooking and is considered one of the first celebrity chefs in Europe, is probably the one who invented the Bavarian cream.
The Bavarian cream itself was then considered revolutionary because the process of preparing the Bavarian cream included putting it in an airtight container. Because it is made from heavy cream and whipped cream, it is mainly used as a dessert alongside fruit puree or fruit sauce.


The history of Bavarian cream cake
The Bavarian cream is believed to have originated in the 17th and 18th centuries, when French chefs prepared it for the House of Nobility Wittelsbach, a German family that ruled Bavaria, a state in Germany, from the 12th century until 1918.
Marie Anthony Carma, a French chef who created the "high art" of French cooking and is considered one of the first celebrity chefs in Europe, is probably the one who invented the Bavarian cream.
The Bavarian cream itself was then considered revolutionary because the process of preparing the Bavarian cream included putting it in an airtight container. Because it is made from heavy cream and whipped cream, it is mainly used as a dessert alongside fruit puree or fruit sauce.
Bavarian cream cakes became popular in the 20th century, when instant pudding and cream blends helped advance the process of making these desserts. Since then, Bavarian cream cakes have led to the creation of variations like Coconut Cream Pie and Boston Cream Cake.
What makes Bavarian cream different from other cakes is the delicate and delicious flavor that can be combined with many other flavors like chocolate, vanilla and banana.
How to celebrate Bavarian Cream Cake Day?
You can make a Bavarian cream cake according to recipes that can be found online, light or complex, with milk or fur, with eggs or without. You can also eat a Bavarian cream cake in a cafe or buy Bavarian cream outside, sometimes it is sold in plastic boxes at falafel stalls. What is important is that on this day, you will eat the amazing Bavarian cream and enjoy the dessert that conquered the world a few hundred years ago!


November 27 is also Pins and Needles day

Cake Day- November 26

"Let them eat cakes!" (in French: "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche") - This is the most famous phrase about cakes attributed to the French Queen Marie Antoinette somewhere in the 18th century. Marie Antoinette was the wife of King Louis XVI, and she was executed in the French Revolution by the angry and hungry people who could not afford bread and certainly not cakes.
The cake is such a wonderful dish. Not only is it usually tasty, but it also serves as a basis for artistic works and has countless versions.
The cake has a very important ceremonial function. It is a must for almost every party, ceremony and holiday.

It is assumed that the first cakes in history were baked in ancient Greece and Egypt. The first cakes were small, heavy and fairly flat, and were eaten at the end of the meal with nuts and honey. In later years the ancient Romans also created their own version of a sweet cake, which was greasy and rich. In many cultures around the world, the cake was often reserved for gods and offered as a gift in temples as a sign of love and reverence.

How to celebrate Cake Day?
  Of course the best way to celebrate the day of the cake is by preparing a cake and eating with family and friends or bring a cake to work and eat with your colleagues. You can also prepare or buy several types of cakes to celebrate the event.

Some interesting facts about cakes:

The cake plays an important role in comedies and protest activities.
In comic films, a cake is thrown into a person's face (the act is called "Pieing") to make people laugh. The first time a cake was thrown in the face of a man as a comedy act in the cinema was in the 1909 silent film "Mr. Flip," starring Ben Turpin.
The first time a cake was hurled at a person's face as an act of protest against something was when Thomas King Forcade, an American activist, an underground journalist and advocate of the legalization of light drugs, threw a cake at the face of sociologist Otto Larsen, chairman of the Presidential Committee on the Study of Abomination and Pornography in 1970.

Have you ever seen an animation on a cake? The talented French artist Alexander Dubosc created a cake that, when it turns, looks like an animated film is going on: Pac-Man eating corn grains, mouths eating popcorn and more. You must see this amazing film.
Link to YouTube video
Pizza means "cake" or "pie" in Italian. (source)

In Brazil, they make cakes with avocado. (source)

The phrase "Let them eat cakes" is not necessarily an original sentence by Marie Antoinette, the spoiled and detached of the people ruler . This sentence first appeared in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's The Confessions, published in 1767 as an anecdote by one of the former French kingdoms long before the birth of Marie Antoinette.

As part of the Mardi Gras celebrations, a colorful and decorated cake called "King cake" is being prepared in various places around the world. For this cake there are those who put a small plastic baby doll, symbolizing the baby Jesus. According to the belief, whoever gets the piece of cake with the baby will have good luck.

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