Milk Chocolate Day- July 28

July 28 is the day we celebrate the existence of the sweet, addictive chocolate, the one that can not be stopped if you start - milk chocolate !!! This is one of the special days devoted to foods in the United States. Do not get confused with the general chocolate day of November 29.
Nutritional value of milk chocolate (100 grams):
Calories -547
Protein - 6.8 grams


Carbohydrates - 58 grams
Fats - 32 grams
Of which saturated fat - 19.5 grams
Cholesterol - 27 grams
Sodium - 82 grams.

Milk chocolate does not have the nutritional benefits of its brother, the dark chocolate, but it still has some proteins. According to the dietitian's recommendation, it is permissible to eat a bar of chocolate once a week. That's why you can quietly celebrate this day by eating chocolate milk of every kind, from a small chocolate bar or a bonbonniere to a whole pack of Chocolate, Milka, Swiss or whatever you like.

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