World Doll Day - Second Saturday in June

World Dolls Day was announced on June 14, 1986 by a nice lady named Mildred Seeley, a doll collector, doll business entrepreneur and doll book author. The date then changed to the second Saturday in June each year.
Mildred had a huge collection of French porcelain dolls sold a year after her death, in 2002. One collection of her dolls sold for $ 1,800,000 while the price for one doll was $ 215,000.

This day is not only meant to celebrate the existence of the dolls, but also the care, nurturing and love that people have in general.
Pictured: Dolls from Mildred Seeley's doll collection
Dolls Day is traditionally celebrated by giving a doll to anyone, child or adult no matter what type of doll.

Doll care is an essential part of the lives of young children. They see them as a scaled-down version of themselves and they treat them with love, concern and caring.
Dolls can also be used as a role-play and give children a way to express their emotions, even the negative ones.
World doll day greeting cards
It is very important to maintain the custom of playing with dolls. New generations may miss this great opportunity. Little girls nowadays are more preoccupied with other aspects of life, like fashion and grooming, or playing games on smartphones. It is very important to continue to let children play with dolls and Mildred Seeley's Dolls Day can be a reminder of that.

When will World Doll Day come out in the coming years?

2022- June 11
2023- June 10
2024- June 8
2025- June 14

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