Doctors' Day - March 30

National Doctors' Day is a holiday in the United States, designed to recognize Doctors' contribution to the lives and communities of the individual. 
The date varies from country to country depending on the commemorative event used to mark the day.
In some countries the day is celebrated as a real holiday. On Doctors' Day Health organizations usually organize festive lunches for medical staff in which they are given symbolic gifts of appreciation. An old custom that exists is to send a greeting card or red Dianthusto to doctors and their spouses, and lay flowers on the graves of deceased doctors.

Doctors' Day was first on March 28, 1933 in Winder, Georgia. On October 30, 1990, President Bush signed the official law that March 30 each year would be a national holiday in the United States in honor of doctors.
March 30 is also Doctors' Day in Australia.
Doctors' Day is designed to highlight the contribution of doctors to community life and strengthen the bond between citizens and doctors.
We are used to going to them for small things like colds, prescriptions or certificate of illness and sometimes even for major illnesses.
Many times we wait long minutes in line until we enter and then they tell us that "it's just a virus" or that it is "nothing" and give a prescription for painkillers.

They see so many people and so many problems during the day that we seem transparent to them.
Doctor's Day is meant to remind us that the doctor is a person who has chosen medicine to help people, out of a sense of mission and interest. Every doctor has the reason why he chose to practice medicine.
It is today to say thank you to your doctor and wish Happy Doctor Day!

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