Chocolate Day- July 7

On November 29, the US chocolate day is celebrated. In honor of this important and addictive food, get some interesting facts about it: 

The smell of chocolate triggers theta brain waves that cause a feeling of relaxation.
Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats and can even kill them.

Technically, the white chocolate is not chocolate at all. It doesn't contain any cocoa solids or cocoa liquor.

Nutella chocolate was invented during World War II, when the Italian manufacturer mixed cocoa (which was limited at that time) with nuts to increase the quantity of chocolate.

Need about 400 cocoa beans to produce 450 grams of chocolate.

The inventor of chocolate chip cookies sold his idea to Nestle for supply of chocolate for life.

The Belgian post issued in 2013 a limited edition of chocolate flavored stamps.

Milton Hershey chocolate giant, the founder of Hershey, canceled the invitation to sail the Titanic at the last minute because of business commitments.

In U.S you can buy Chocolate Hummus in food stores.
Twisted Chocolate Hummus Limited edition
Started making the candy M & M in 1942 for soldiers on the battlefield, so they can enjoy a chocolate which will not melt.

The largest chocolate bar in the world weighed 12771 pounds (5792 kg).

There is a snack - potato chips dipped in milk chocolate.

Eating dark chocolate every day lowers the risk of heart disease by a third.

Chocolate has anti-bacterial component that protects the mouth from tooth decay.

Chocolate animated gifs            

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