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Chocolate Caramel Day - March 19

Today we celebrated a great combination of two amazing flavors - chocolate and caramel. Caramel has a special taste and smell, which is a bit difficult to define, ranges from sweet to bitter and is formed from sugar that is heated and becomes liquid and chocolate has a special and addictive taste that we do not need to define because we all know. The two together put a smile on faces and an addictive sense of happiness, if only for a few moments.

Caramel chocolate is one of the greatest culinary inventions in history. The origin of the caramel is not really known. It lies somewhere in the two hundred years between 1650 and 1880 in the Americas, when the new settlers tried to make candies by heating water with their sugar added fat and milk, and thus the caramel was born. During this period refined sugar was rare and expensive, so the caramel was often prepared with sugar beet juice.
One of the most successful and famous makers of caramel candy in the late 19th century was Milton Hershey of Pennsylvania, USA. There he bought German chocolate machines which he was very enthusiastic about. He bought the equipment and soon started making their chocolate bars and added the ingredient from which he had previously earned a respectable living - the caramel.

How to celebrate Caramel Chocolate Day?
Make caramel from one of the most successful recipes on the Internet. Add it to chocolate, ice cream, popcorn or whatever you want. You can also buy tables or caramel chocolate bars and enjoy this successful and special combination.
March 19 is also Client's Day

Chocolate Mint Day - February 19th

 You can combine chocolate with lots of things, and they almost always came out successful, but one of the most successful and refreshing combinations is Chocolate Mint, which is a combination of chocolate and mint.

The combination of chocolate with mint has many benefits, not only because of its amazing taste but also health and nutritional benefits.

Chocolate has many natural ingredients that help the body in terms of health. It helps the brain produce serotonin and dopamine and thus improves mood. It contains flavonoids that improve the health of the arteries and reduce inflammation as well as theanines which prevent the bacterial culture in the mouth and protect the teeth from tooth decay and gingivitis.

Mint also has many benefits. First of all mint is a strong and aromatic herb that helps digestion and refreshes the breath. The mint leaves have glands that contain fragrant oil that contains the substance menthol, which is used in medicine (especially in dentistry), aromatherapy and as a spice for food.

Now combine the chocolate with the mint and see how strong this combination is.

The history of chocolate mint

The ancient Greeks and Romans valued mint for its ability to aid digestion, refresh the breath and add flavor to many different foods. The ancient Greeks would cover their dead with mint to prevent bad odors from rotting corpses. According to Greek mythology, Hades the god of the underworld was in a romantic relationship with a nymph named Mint. Hades' wife, Persephone, discovered the connection between them and out of anger enchanted the nymph and turned it into a sweet spice plant, the mint.

Until the end of the 19th century, there was no mint-flavored chocolate. In 1920 Henry C. Kessler opened the York Cone Company which created waffle cones and in 1940 his chocolate mint patties came into the world. In 1988 the Hershey Company acquired the York Cone company and since then it has been producing the mint candy in chocolate.

YORK Peppermint Patties

Although the York company was probably the first to make the chocolate and mint  combination popular, there are a few more companies that are making this great combination successfully.

Mint Chocolate Day was created by the US National Confectioners Association and is celebrated every year with various activities, which mainly promote the sale of mint chocolate candies to people who eat them with great joy.

How to celebrate Mint Chocolate Day?

Today is the day to combine chocolate and mint into your dishes. You can buy ready-made mint chocolate, or make your own dishes that contain these two ingredients like chocolate cake and mint, or chocolate mousse with mint and more.

Tim Tam Day - February 16th

One of the most delicious chocolate bars in existence, and there is hardly anyone to argue about it, is the chocolate bar that comes from Australia - Tim Tam!

February 16 is a day celebrated every year in honor of Tim Tam. It is not yet known who decided to dedicate this day to Tim Tam, but what does it matter? The main thing to celebrate.


Tim Tam is a chocolate snack from the Australian company Arnott, which consists of two biscuits between which there is cream (usually chocolate) and they are coated in chocolate.

What is special about the Tim Tam snack is that it is commonly used as a drinking straw for milk, cocoa or coffee.

Drinking Coffee with Tim Tam (Image Source)


One Tim Tam package has 11 units and the double coating packages have 9.

The history of Tim Tam

Tim Tam was invented by Arnot's food technology director, Ian Norris. In 1958 he decided to go on a world tour to look for inspiration for new products. While driving he found the penguin biscuit in the UK which is a biscuit snack coated in milk chocolate and filled with chocolate cream. Norris decided to make the penguin biscuit something even tastier and so he invented the Tim Tam which is made from two biscuits.

Ross Arnott, owner of Arnott, loved horse racing. In 1958 he visited a horse race in Kentucky and decided that his company's new chocolate snack would be named after the winning horse and so it was.

How to celebrate Tim Tam Day?

The best way to celebrate Tim Tam Day is to buy a package and eliminate it on your own or with someone else. To eat the tam tam in the traditional way one has to bite both its ends and then use it as a drinking straw. According to tradition, you should also take a photo and upload the photos with the hashtag #TimTamDay.


Each country has its own special treat. America has apple pie, England has scones, France has macaroons and Australia has Tim Tam. No doubt Australia played it with this awesome snack!

February 16 is also Almond Day and Innovation Day

Chocolate fondue day- February 5

Chocolate Fondue is a hot dessert of liquid chocolate that is laden with bits of cookies, marshmallow, strawberries or any solid, tasty food that can be cut and dipped.  

The history of chocolate fondue
The original fondue is hot molten cheese, served in a special fondue bowl and eaten by several people together. The source of the fondue is from Switzerland. And is considered the national food of French-speaking Cantonese in Switzerland. The fondue is served to the middle of the table and the diners get long forks with which they dip the solid pieces of food, such as dry bread cubes or pieces of meat. Under the fondue pot or bowl, there is a wick that keeps its heat. The fondue was invented as a lot of foods, in difficult times when there was not plenty of food, to save food and eat leftovers that dried up a few people together and still enjoy.

Chocolate fondue is the dessert version of the fondue. It is a dip of chocolate ganache with a lot of sweet cream that is kept warm, which is laden with pieces of food and eaten with hot chocolate. Just a pleasure !!!  

How to celebrate Fondue Chocolate Day? 
One way to celebrate is to go to a cafe that serves chocolate fondue and order, how did you guess? Chocolate Fondue. A second way is to prepare a chocolate fondue, sit back on the sofa and eat with more people or even alone.  

February 6 is also World Nutella Day and Weatherman's Day

World Nutella Day- February 5

Anyone who's addicted to chocolate knows that there is chocolate and then there is a nutella. The chocolate and hazelnut spread has been around since 1940, and although it has many imitations on the market, there is nothing like the original and real Nutella.

Nutella continues to be the favorite forbidden pleasure of the market and the world-wide. So it is not surprising that the Nutella fans decided to start the tradition of the Nutella Day celebration in 2007. The sweet celebration was launched by social networks by Nutella bloggers and fans, and soon joined by tens of thousands of Nutella devotees who were happy to show their appreciation for the amazing spread online.

You will not believe it, but chocolate Nutella was invented because of the infamous World War II. During the war, the price of cocoa beans in Italy rose greatly, so the manufacturer of the chocolate spread, Pietro Ferrero, added to his spread cream made from nuts instead of chocolate. Pietro Ferrero died in 1949 and left his girlfriend, Ferrero, to his son Michele Ferrero. Michele Ferrero is considered the richest man in Italy and among the 30 richest people in the world. On February 14, 2016, Michele Ferrero died.  

On February 5 each year, Nutella fans from all over the world unite and celebrate the existence of this wonderful chocolate spread by eating a spoon straight out of the box, uploading pictures of chocolate in Nutella, publishing creative Nutella recipes and integrating Nutella into all day meals.

There's no limit to what you can do with Nutella. You can start the day with pancakes with Nutella, continue with espresso mixed with a spoon of Nutella (unbelievable as it tastes good!), Add Nutella to cake, ice cream and melted and even salty foods. There is no limit to imagination!

February 6 is also Chocolate Fondue DayWeatherman's Day

Bittersweet Chocolate Day- January 10

Bittersweet chocolate is chocolate that is produced without or nearly without milk. 

It contains a greater percentage of cocoa solids than does milk chocolate, as well as less sugar. Cane sugar lends bittersweet chocolate its reduced sweetness while its bitterness is due to the richness of alkaloids contained in cocoa beans. The term "chocolate" is derived from the Aztec word “xocolātl” which means "bitter water". 

Originating in Mesoamerica, cocoa was first brought to Europe in the sixteenth century by travelers who had discovered it when they saw how Aztecs in Central Mexico preparing a hot beverage from cocoa beans. Only around the year 1830, about two centuries after its introduction, did the Europeans find a way to solidify the liquid, sweeten it and thus produce the chocolate that we so love. Research has found that, due to antioxidant flavonoids contained in cocoa, a moderate daily diet of bittersweet chocolate is beneficial to health, prevents blood vessel and cardiac disorders as well as high blood pressure, diabetes and other ailments. Note that bittersweet chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa solids is best for your health (the other ingredients that comprise bittersweet chocolate are not so healthful). 


Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day - January 3

The chocolate-coated cherry day is a great day for a special and delicious treat: a chocolate-coated cherry.
The chocolate is delicious, so are the cherries. Another day someone said, "Why not combine the two together?" Then the chocolate-coated cherry was born!
The chocolate-coated cherries were born by the small, family-owned candy maker Cella in New York in 1929 and immediately became a hit. They quickly became a world-famous candy. Years later, in 1985, Cella was acquired by the giant candy industry Tootsie Roll. Today, 90 years after they were first made, Cella's chocolate - coated cherries are still famous around the world for their liquid and rich filling flavor.

How to celebrate Cherry-coated Cherry Day?
The best way to celebrate Chocolate Coated Day is, of course, to watch cherries in chocolate and eat them (alone or with family / friends / guests). If you do not have time, you can buy chocolate-coated cherries at a supermarket or candy store near you, or you may happen to have a box of chocolate-coated cherries bonbonniere in the pantry.

Chocolate-coated cherry recipe:

Rinse the cherries well. Leave the stem for them and make a fine cut at the bottom from which the stone is removed.
Cook the cherries in water with sugar and lemon juice for about 25 minutes. While cooking, carefully lower the pot to the sides from time to time so that the syrup covers all the cherries completely.
Remove the cherries from the pot to a colander and let them cool slightly at room temperature.
In a separate pot, melt chocolate (bitter or milk) using the Ben Marie method.
Dip each cherry with the chocolate stem and place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper or on a wire rack.
Refrigerate and transfer to a serving plate.

Enjoy the chocolate-coated cherry day!
Source: Taste of Home 

Chocolate Covered Anything Day - December 16

Is there a food in the world that can't be improved if we cover it melted chocolate? Maybe it's a question of personal taste, but almost anything you can put into melted chocolate, chocolate sauce or chocolate fondue. The chocolate-coated day is designed to eat the things you love with chocolate, try new things and also old and familiar.
If you are crazy about chocolate, today you have an excuse to add it to anything.
You may have already tried pretzels, marshmallow, sour candy, almonds, peanuts, strawberries or chocolate-coated bananas, but what about a chocolate-covered cherry tomato, chocolate-coated schnitzel, an omelette with chocolate syrup, pizza with chocolate and anything else?


Chocolate cover pretzels (link)
Chocolate cover gummy bears (link)
Chocolate Covered Strawberries (link)


Hot Cocoa Day - December 13

December 13th is Hot Cocoa day and really - there is nothing better on such a cold day than a pampering and warming cocoa cup!
The chocolate drink is prepared from cocoa powder and hot milk, or a vegetable substitute for milk - a soy drink or a hot almond drink.


Cocoa powder is a dark brown powder extracted from drying and grinding the cocoa beans. The powder is rich in nutritional values - it has almost twice the amount of antioxidants than red wine, and three times as much green tea.
The cocoa trees originate in the foothills of the Andes near the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in South America. Cocoa came to Central America in the first century by the Maya. The Toltecs and then the Aztecs cultivated its seeds and gave it the name "cacahuatl" in their language, the Navatl language.


The hot cocoa drink was a hit as early as the 10th century. Documents of the Spanish conquest of Mexico say that the emperor of the Aztec Empire, Mokatsuma II, used to drink only Cocoa, which was served to him in a bowl of gold and eaten with a golden spoon. The chocolate was mixed with vanilla spices until it became a melted cut. Every day 50 such bowls were prepared for him and another 2000 bowls for the nobles of his court.
In 1502 Columbus became acquainted with cocoa during his fourth voyage to America but did not discover its commercial potential. In 1519, the Spanish conquerors who came to Mexico under the leadership of Hernan Cortez, found in the palace of the Aztec king Montezuma a huge treasure of cocoa beans instead of silver and gold. Cortez brought the cocoa beans to Spain in 1528 and the Spaniards did not expose them to the rest of Europe for 100 years.


The cocoa drink first came out of Spain in 1615, when Princess Anne, daughter of King Philip II of Spain, married King Louis XII of France and brought the drink with her to the royal court. The French were enthusiastic about cocoa and it gained a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

By 1700 the cocoa drink had become popular throughout Western Europe. He also came to western India and the Philippines by the Spaniards.
Today cocoa trees are grown mainly in Equatorial Africa, Ivory Coast and Ghana, Indonesia and Latin America, especially in Brazil. The cocoa is ground mainly in Europe, the Netherlands and Germany.

How to celebrate Hot Cocoa Day?
It is easy. Today is the day to make hot chocolate in a cup, marble cocoa powder at home and hot milk. There are lots of cocoa drink recipes that creatively combine other things like cinnamon sticks, vanilla, dark chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream and more.
If you can, drink hot chocolate, listen and watch the rain - is there anything more perfect than that?


December 13th is also Horse Day

Chocolate Cupcake Day- October 18th

What can be better than a chocolate Cake? Chocolate cupcakes!

Why? Because it's personal and you don't have to share it with anyone! 😉

The cupcake originates in 1796, when in the recipe for chocolate cake in the American cookbook of Amelia Simmons, it was written "cake for baking in cups".

This book was the first known cookbook and baking book written by an American. 

In pictures: The first edition of the American Cookery, written by Amelia Simmons and published in 1796. 


The word cupcake first appeared in 1828 in Eliza Leslie's recipe book, "Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats".

In the picture: the recipe that appeared in the book from 1828. You can see that the writer called the cake cup cake, in two words. 

The cupcakes were originally baked in heavy clay cups. Today, you can bake them with appropriate cups, cups or molds that can be easily found in any kitchenware store.

Cupcake Day Chocolate is a national day of the US To celebrate the cupcake day, make a delicious cupcake, add whipped cream or cream and cherry or candies, or sprinkle with powdered sugar.

 Happy chocolate cupcake day!

October 18th is also Alaska Day

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