Pet Obesity Awareness Day- The Second Wednesday of October

We love our pets very much. Because we love them, we spoil them endlessly.

When we gain weight, we take care of our health and appearance, and diet to lose a few pounds. When our animals are fattening, dogs or cats, we usually do not pay attention or dismiss it.

But it turns out that obesity in animals is also dangerous and unhealthy. The Day of Obesity Awareness of Pets is meant to remind us that this too needs to be addressed.

In cats, obesity can cause health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, lipids and fatty liver, urinary tract problems and skin problems and eventually shorten their lifespan. To take care of the cat, you should give him diet food in a measured amount and give him toys that will occupy him so that he will not spend all day lying down in the same place without spending calories.

In dogs, too, obesity can cause many problems, cardiovascular disease, difficulty in movement and breathing, and more. Dogs also have to take diet food in measured amounts and get them to exercise like running or long walks.

So be aware of your dog or cat (or both) and watch their weight!

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