Evolution Day- 24th November

Evolution Day is celebrated on November 24 in memory of Charles Darwin's book "Origin of Species" was published on this date in 1859.
This day is also called "All our uncles ​​are monkeys day".
Book by Charles Darwin he presents his theory according to which since the dawn of the Earth, living organisms have evolved through small changes and gradual that helped them survive, and follow the mechanism of natural selection, whereby some of the organisms they have properties beneficial for them to survive survived and those who did not develop effectively extinct. According to Darwin's explanation no divine intervention. Later in his book, "The Descent of Man," Darwin wrote that man is descended as it is today, so-called scientific language sapiens, evolved gorillas and chimpanzees.

Something more meaningful to study the evolution happened precisely on this day, but in 1974, was the discovery of "Lucy", the skeleton of Australopithecus afarensis, a kind of ancient ape family Hominidae that existed about 3.6 to 2.9 million years ago. The skeleton was found by the paleoanthropologists Donald Johanson and Tom Gray.

Even Google has dedicated its doodle today Lucy:

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