Bird Day - January 5

There are so many species of birds in the world, that one day celebrating in their honor is definitely not enough.
One of the days of celebration in honor of the birds is National Bird Day, a U.S. holiday celebrated in honor of the birds on January 5 each year, beginning in 1894. It is the first holiday invented in honor of the birds, and was founded by Charles Almenzo Babacok, who supervised Schools in Oil City, Pennsylvania.

This day is meant to promote the conservation of birds as a moral value. National Bird Day is a special day that has millions of fans celebrating through bird watching, learning about birds and other bird-related activities. Bird adoption and rescue is a particularly important Bird Day activity. 12 percent of the bird species are endangered from the world.
On this day many activities are held that teach how to behave properly birds and what they need. How to give them the best living conditions. People who adopt birds need to know that they are screaming, biting, soiling, need constant interaction, space to fly in and a varied diet.

The Avian Coalition National Campaign in the United States aims to improve the well-being of other parrots and birds that live in humans by encouraging their adoption rather than buying them as commercial pets, and encourages support for wildlife conservation programs and captive birds.
Source: Avian Welfare Coalition

January 5 is also Whipped Cream Day

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