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World Parrot Day - May 31st

May 31 is International Parrot Day. This day was initiated by the World Parrot Trust in 2004 and has been celebrated every year since.
This day was initiated by the World Parrot Trust in 2004. The aim of this day is to raise awareness of the dangers which threaten the parrots that are among the most desired animals among hunters and traders and to teach how to rear parrots and how to handle them so they will be happy.
Parrots are among the most intelligent animals and they are particularly known for their wonderful imitation  ability. Scientists have discovered that when the parrots repeating sounds and speech of humans, they not only imitate sounds, but sometimes even understand the meaning of what they say.
Rear parrot is fun. Parrots return all the love they receive and they're loyal friends for life. They will receive you with joy and rejoicing every time you come home.
Parrots always like attention, and always when you want to play with them, they will join with joy.
Parrots have a sense of humor, they like to make people laugh and enjoy when they feel there is a happy atmosphere around them.

But to rear a parrot at home is not enough just to put it in the cage and give him food and water. If you want to keep a parrot, it is important to know ahead what you are going, and what are the things you need to invest in their treatment:
Living in the wild parrot flocks or pairs, so when in their home, it needs a lot of attention.
The parrot gets bored easily. He needs stimuli and if he does not get it, he will practice adversely him as feather plucking. It is therefore important to give him toys that are suitable for parrots.
The parrot needs a living space, as all animals (and we humans included). So have to worry about a spacious cage.

The parrot's cage should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a week.
Parrots excrete droppings every 20 minutes and it can cause odor in the house.
Except special food for parrots, it can and should give the parrot eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
Parrots do not control their own needs, so if you let them in, do not expect they will not do shit on the sofa or carpet. There's nothing to be angry with them and it is impossible to train them not to do it, not even through penalties.
The parrot likes to make strange noises and sometimes strong and you can not shut him up. It will not help you if you scream at him to be quiet. Is more likely to yell at you back to be quiet.
Parrot can live up to 50 years of age should take into account whether someone will take care of him throughout his life dedication.

A toy for parrot (Link)
The parrot needs living space, like all animals (and we humans among them). Therefore a spacious cage should be provided for him.
The parrot's cage should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a week.
The parrots secrete feces every 20 minutes and this can cause unpleasant odors in the house.
In addition to the special food for parrots, it is possible and desirable to let the parrot eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well.
The parrots do not control their needs, so if you release them at home, do not expect them not to make a drool on the couch or carpet. There is nothing to be angry about them and it is impossible to train them not to do it, not even through punishments.
The parrot likes to make strange and sometimes loud noises and it is impossible to silence it. It will not help you if you shout at him to be quiet. He may even shout at you back to be quiet.

A parrot can live to the age of 50. It should be taken into account whether there will be someone who will take care of it for the rest of its life with dedication.
May 31 is also World No Tobacco Day

International Turtle Day - May 23

International Turtle Day, which falls on May 23, is designed to raise awareness of the world of turtles, and how to help protect them and let them live, reproduce and thrive.
This day was announced by the American Tortoise Rescue.

Fun facts about the turtle:
The tortoise is an endangered protected animal and should therefore not be adopted and raised at home or in the yard.
The lifespan of a turtle is very long and can reach several hundred years.

The body parts of the turtle do not age.
Man used to use the tortoise's armor as a raw material for the production of jewelry, combs, fans and resonator instruments in ancient musical instruments, such as the pound.
Turtles are reptiles that evolved during the Mesozoic era, the period when dinosaurs ruled the world, from 245 million years ago to 65 million years ago.

Turtle soup is a soup or stew made from turtle meat. The dish exists in certain cultures and is perceived as a luxury or a delicacy. In Singapore and the United States (19th century) it was customary to eat turtle soup made from the green turtle. East Asian cuisines like Chinese cuisine still use soft turtles to make turtle soup.

How to celebrate World Turtle Day? 
Learn about the turtle from books or movies, tell people about the turtles and the danger of extinction they are in and what to do to protect them. Tell people that a tortoise is a protected animal that should not be captured and certainly not eaten.

World Bee Day - May 20

In 2007, beekeepers around the world discovered that 40 billion bees had disappeared from their hives. If the disappearance of the bees continues, we will be in serious trouble.
Bees are one of the most important animals for the continued existence of humans, and in recent years there has been a fear of their extinction because their numbers are declining. The bees are pollinating animals, the ones that transfer the pollen of the plants from the males to the females, in order to reproduce them, and without them this process will be harmed. Bees also help warn of environmental hazards and when a local ecosystem is not functioning properly.

The extinction of bees will not only result in a worldwide shortage of honey, but also of fruits and vegetables.
Photo courtesy of: Yoel Yaron

The dangers facing bees are invasive insects, pesticides and land use for uses other than agriculture, and thus their nutrients are reduced and bee colonies are under serious threat.
Following the discernment of the declining bee population, initiatives have arisen to protect them. One of these initiatives is World Bee Day, announced by the UN in 2017.
The date of May 20 was chosen because it is the birthday of Anton Janša, the pioneer of the bee industry who was involved in beekeeping and honey production. Janessa was born in Slovenia in the 18th century, and was the first beekeeper in the world.

How to mark Bee Day around the world?
Plant wildflower seeds (from which the bees produce nectar), and grow plants in the garden that do not need much water or special chemicals to grow.
Get to know the local beekeepers and learn from them about the craft of making honey.
Buy / prepare / eat honey or foods that contain honey.
Read and learn about bees and other pollinators, and how we can stop bee extinction.

May 20 is also Quiche Lorraine Day

Donkey Day - May 8

World Donkey Day is a day in honor of one of the animals with the longest history of human use in the equine family.
The domesticated donkey has been used by humans in many ways throughout history, as far back as 7,000 years ago, in carrying heavy loads in difficult and challenging areas and in any climate, even the most demanding. It was also used for carrying people, without any regard for the weight it carries on its back because of the high endurance it has and in various arduous agricultural jobs.

The donkey is mistakenly attributed two wrong traits: stubbornness and stupidity. Studies have found that this stigma is incorrect.
The reason for their stubborn standing in place is their intelligence and sensitivity to danger. The donkeys are able to think independently and make decisions in their favor, so when they feel something is wrong they stop and start digging with their heels in the ground. Donkeys also have an excellent memory. They are able to remember people and donkeys they knew from 25 years ago.
The word "donkey" is used as an insulting and disparaging phrase and there are phrases that use the word donkey to describe something inappropriate like "Like a donkey carrying books" to describe someone who stores knowledge but is not smart enough to use it, "donkey", "ass" or "dumbass" to say someone is particularly stupid or silly. After all the service that the donkey gives to humans during his life, is this the treatment he deserves?

The donkey is a social animal. They desperately need the company of other donkeys. A donkey that is not in the company of other donkeys will experience depression and may even die from it. A company of other mammals will also help the donkey overcome the feeling of loneliness.
When donkeys live in a herd, they tend to nurture and clean themselves.

The sound that the donkey makes is called bray. The male donkey is called a jack and a female is called a jenny or jennet. The donkey's offspring is called a foal.
Mule is a descendant of a donkey and a mare. The mule is a very strong animal, more so than the donkey and is a barren animal that is unable to give birth to offspring.
The lifespan of the donkey is between twenty and fifty years. The donkey eats plants and its digestive system is able to break down even plants that are not edible to humans. They are able to utilize 95% of the food they eat because they originally live in desert areas where there is not much vegetation available. They also take advantage of the moisture in the plants they eat to maintain the amount of water in their bodies.

How to celebrate World Donkey Day?
The best way to celebrate World Donkey Day is to learn about the donkeys and get to know them, and to teach other people about them, and let them know how wrong the stigmas are. Another great way is to help charities that rescue donkeys from abuse and neglect and give them a better life.

Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day - April 21st

Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day is a special day dedicated to the breed of dog that many people love to raise as a pet.

What is special about bulldogs is mainly the wrinkled appearance of their face. They have a short, flat face with lots of folded fur and that is what makes them such sweet and popular.

The history of the Bulldogs

The history of the English Bulldog is not so pleasant. Originally the breed was cultivated to help bullfighters in the 15th century for centuries. Hence the name of the Bulldogs - Bull+dog. The bulldog was used as bait for bulls because they thought that stimulating the bulls before slaughter would soften their meat. This practice also became a brutal popular sport in which bulls were bullied in bulldogs until the dogs and / or bulls were severely injured or killed.

In those years, bulldog breeders would encourage their aggression to brutally fight bulls. The average weight of a bulldog would reach 80 pounds so they would be strong and able to overcome a bull. Happily, the use of dogs as bait was outlawed in 1835. Since then, the bulldog's fighting ability has disappeared and they have become comfortable, loyal and gentle dogs. Their average weight today ranges from 50 to 55 pounds.

The modern bulldog is gentle, kind and has a stable temperament. They may be short, but capable of great power and are especially loyal and brave when it comes to their human friends, especially children. They can be great watch dogs. Their muscular and tense appearance can be intimidating and even though they are usually lazy, when provoked they are not afraid to show presence.

In England, the Bulldog accompanies John Bull, a fictional figure who symbolizes the country first painted in 1712.

In the U.S. Bulldogs are ranked fourth as the most popular dog breed. The Bulldog is also a beloved mascot used in sports teams, the U.S. Marine Corps, Yale University and more.

The French Bulldog is a small breed of English Bulldog originally developed in France. Among the theories about the development of the breed there is a belief that in the 19th century, women from England took small bulldogs with them when looking for work in France in weaving. In the places where they settled, the Bulldogs became popular as loyal rat catchers and they began to reproduce. The reason they were smaller is probably a genetic defect that actually appealed to people and caused them to reproduce.

How to celebrate Bulldogs are beautiful day?

On this special day, bulldog beauty pageants take place in many places. Bulldog owners pamper them with their favorite snacks and delicious stews. There are those who buy them cute costumes and toys. Other ways to celebrate Bulldogs are beautiful are to volunteer at a pet shelter, go for a walk with your bulldog in the park, it is advisable to visit a dog corner where he can play with other dogs. The bulldog is considered a relatively lazy dog, so a 15 minute walk will suffice for him. If you take him to the dog park, he will probably prefer to lie down and look at the other dogs. But not bad, he's still going to have fun.

And do not forget - if you have a bulldog, today is the day to take pictures of him and upload to social networks.

April 21 is also Kindergarten Day

Ferret Day - April 2

Ferret Day is celebrated on April 2 with the aim of raising public awareness of the domesticated ferret and the needs it has when adopting it like welfare, care and nutrition. Many people nowadays adopt a ferret as a pet and it is important to know how to treat this lively and intelligent animal responsibly.

The ferret is a subspecies of weasel. Hundreds of years ago, people in Europe domesticated ferrets to capture mice, rats and other rodents. The ferrets were able to enter the burrows thanks to their long and narrow bodies. In medieval Europe the ferret had an important status as a pet and exterminating rodents because the cats were then considered companions of witches and devil workers.

Other family members of the ferret, the weasel family: otter, mink, weasel, badger, marten and grison.

Ferrets have olfactory glands that emit a pungent and unpleasant odor designed to mark territory, court, and deter predators.

The ferret is a distinct carnivore, meaning it eats only animal food. It has highly developed jaws with 28-33 razor sharp teeth.

The average life expectancy of ferrets ranges from 5 to 8 years, although some ferrets have even reached the age of 14 years.

Many people like to raise the ferret as a pet because of their high intelligence. They are very curious creatures and able to do a lot of fun tricks. They can use a litter box like cats and they are also sociable animals that require a lot of attention.

If you are considering adopting a ferret, keep in mind that the proper diet for it is meat only. The ferret eats rats, mice and live chickens. Processed food does not meet its needs. A plant-based diet is also not suitable for him. It is now possible to give ferrets dry food that is specially adapted for ferrets. Care should be taken not to let ferrets devour snacks for dogs, because they may like it, but they have a lot of sugars and too little meat and so they may replete and give up the healthy and essential food for them, and also gain weight and get diabetes for example.

Ferrets are nocturnal creatures by nature, but when they are adopted they adjust their hours of activity to those of the adoptees because they love interaction. Like many predators, they like to play intensely for a short time and then retire for a few hours of sleep. In total, ferrets sleep about 18 hours a day.

The ferrets in culture

In the UK, country fairs and festivals organize ferret racing competitions in which ferrets go through tubes while their owners bet on the animal that will be able to do so the fastest.

In the past, it was customary among coal miners in Yorkshire, England, to compete in a rather unusual sport called ferret-foot (not for the faint of heart) - in this competition ferrets are put in their pants to see how long the competitors can withstand it. The world record lasts five and a half hours!

Ferrets also appeared in well-known works of art. In the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci, the Lady with an ermine from 1491, many art scholars claim that the lady holds a ferret in her hands. There is also a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I with a ferret as a pet wearing a tiny crown as a collar.

Lady with an Ermine, Leonardo da Vinci, 1481-1491

Why is Ferret Day celebrated on April 2nd?

For decades, U.S. ferret enthusiasts have celebrated National Ferret Day. However, recognition of this day came only in 2014 when Carol Roche of New York who was so enthusiastic about her ferret and the American Ferret Organization took care of it.

How to celebrate Ferret Day?

If you have a ferret, today is the time to take a picture of him and pamper him and upload his photos to social networks with the hashtag #NationalFerretDay. It is today to read and learn about raising ferrets, what is allowed and what is not allowed to do with them so as not to harm their health and well-being. If you do not have a ferret, you can adopt a ferret, just first read what it takes to raise a ferret and how to care for it well.


Puppy Day - March 23

Puppy Day is the day to celebrate the joy and happiness of raising cute puppies at home. What fun it is to raise dogs from the first days of their lives. It does not have to be a dog, it can be either a cat or a hamster. It is today to go to charities and adopt a small dog or cat puppy, respond to ads that offer for the adoption of puppies and thereby help abandoned puppies who have nowhere to grow.

happy puppy day

animated gifs of puppies                           Coloring pages of puppies               

World Frog Day - March 20

World Frog Day is a special and festive day in honor of the frogs, which falls on March 20 every year.
Frogs are amphibians that divide their lives both on land and in water. The frog family that belongs to the tailless family has lots of species and the most common types we are familiar with are the Levant water frog and the Pool frog.
When you walk around a water source and hear croaking, you are likely to hear the river frog.
Frogs prey on insects and play a vital role in preserving the environment. But in recent years, different species of frogs are endangered for various reasons. Some of the reasons are related to the human who destroys the environment in which they live or hunt them for food, and some of the reasons are related to nature such as climate change or a deadly fungus that has caused the extinction and significant reduction of hundreds of frog species.
World Frog Day is a day designed to raise awareness for the conservation of frogs and concern for a safer environment for them to survive.
World Frog Day has been celebrated since 2009. There is no exact mention of the person or organization that initiated this awareness day. In addition to World Frog Day, there is also the Frog Rescue Day which falls on April 28th.

In honor of International Frog Day, get some interesting facts about frogs:

There are over 5,000 species of frogs in the world. Each species has its own unique croaking, and there are croaking of frogs that can be heard from miles away!

Frogs should not drink water because they absorb it through the skin.

Some frogs can jump over 20 times their body length; It's like a person jumping 30 meters high.

In Egypt the frog is the symbol of life and fertility, and in Egyptian mythology the cat is the one that comes in the form of a frog representing fertility. (Source: Wikipedia)

Many species of frogs care for their offspring (tadpoles). For example, Poison dart frogs tend to lay their eggs on the ground and then secrete poison on them to protect them from predators.

There are females of several species of frogs that guard their offspring (tadpoles) and provide food for them. If there is not enough food in the area, they will keep their eggs unfertilized to feed them on.
The Tree frogs build their nests on the trees above the water so that when the tadpoles hatch they fall straight into the water.
Frog eggs
The largest frog in the world is the Goliath frog. It lives in West Africa and can reach a length of 35 centimeters and a weight of 3 kilograms. Its bounce is so strong that it can reach a distance of 3 meters in one bounce.

One gram of the toxin produced on the skin of a Golden poison frog can kill 100,000 people.
Golden Arrow Frog
A frog sheds its skin once a week. The old, dead skin, she usually eats.

When the first offspring of the Darwin frog hatch, the father frog swallows them. It keeps the tiny tadpoles in its vocal cords for 52 days to allow them to grow and then it begins to "cough" and emit whole tiny frogs.

When a frog swallows its prey, it blinks and thus pushes its eyeballs onto its mouth, which helps it push the food down its throat.

The North American tree frog freezes in winter and thaws in summer. When winter temperatures drop, the body of the tree frog goes out; Breathing, heartbeat and muscle movements stop. The water in the body's cells freezes and is replaced by glucose and urea to prevent the cells from collapsing. As the temperatures rise, the frog warms up, its body functions resume and it leaps as if nothing has happened.

The Glass frog has transparent skin so that its internal organs, bones and muscles can be seen through the skin. You can even see her heart beating and the process of digesting food in her stomach.

Indonesia has a frog that has no lungs at all. She breathes completely through her skin.

The Waxy monkey tree frog, a frog that lives in the rainforests of South America, secretes wax from its neck and uses its legs to rub the wax on all parts of its body to prevent the skin from drying out in the sun.

Why are frogs important?
Frogs feed on large numbers of insects, including those that transmit deadly diseases to humans (such as malaria or Nile fever). The amphibian's skin is permeable, and can easily absorb toxic chemicals. Therefore, for protection, they produce a wide range of secretions some of which have the potential to be used as drugs. Because of their high sensitivity to environmental changes, they are considered good bioindicators and indicate the local environment in which they are located.

How to celebrate World Frog Day?
The best way to celebrate Frog Day is to learn about frogs, their habitats, their types and the environmental roles they play. It is important to raise awareness of the declining frog population in the world and the importance of rescuing them. Anyone can make a change in their life that will help reduce environmental pollution, and if everyone takes the step, the impact of the majority will be tremendous. 

Panda Day - March 16

The panda is a white and black fur ball, with black circles around the eyes and a black tuxedo suit, which when seen really want to hug it tight.
Just kidding, a panda is a bear. A bear that lives in China and likes to eat bamboo.

The history of Panda Day
The announcement of Panda Day grew out of the need to protect these bears. The panda bear, actually called a Giant Panda bear, is a unique and special mammal that lives in mountainous areas in China, such as Sichuan and Tibet.
Towards the end of the 20th century, the Chinese who are not suckers, made the giant panda their national symbol and its figure even appears on Chinese gold coins.
The giant panda is considered a carnivorous animal, but it usually feeds only on plants, mainly bamboo. He can eat everything, including eggs, insects, fish and more, but to be happy he only needs bamboo all day.

How to celebrate Panda Day?
If you are in a place that has pandas, go visit them. Do not throw snacks or soft drinks in cans or bottles because it is really bad. Give them bamboo as they like and a hug.
If you are in a place where there are no panda bears, then remember that there is always a chance that one day you will meet a panda bear at a zoo abroad, or in China, and in the meantime settle for panda bears, or shirts with panda prints, watch cute videos with Panda bears that is plentiful online, draw a panda bear and paint it in panda colors, watch the movie Kung Fu Panda and in short, everything related to panda bears, today is the day to do.

Happy Panda Day greeting cards   
Coloring pages of Panda bears

World Wildlife Day - March 3

The world is full of amazing creatures in every possible way. From birds that fill the sky with thousands of species, colors and shapes, reptiles that live on earth, animals that are on land, whether it is in forests, fields and human settlements to fish that fill the sea in a variety of wonderful shapes and colors. Wild animals are animals that grow freely in the wild, in their natural places, without being cared for and exploited by humans for arduous work, entertainment and eating.
World Wildlife Day is a day designed to remind us of our responsibility for the world in which we live and the other life forms that share the world with us.

The history of World Wildlife Day
On March 3, 1973, the Washington Convention, or Protected Animals, was signed at the United Nations, or in its full name: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). This treaty was signed by governments committing to nature conservation And its resources and protect endangered species.
This agreement was an agreement under which international trade in wildlife and wild plants does not threaten their very survival and it provides protection to varying degrees to more than 33,000 species of animals and plants.
On December 20, 2013, another step was taken to help spread awareness of the endangered species of animals in the world. The UN has declared that every year World Wildlife Day will be held, each time focusing on a different theme and idea that will help us keep in touch with the changing nature of our world, and the treasures we are about to lose in the animal and plant kingdom if we do not preserve them.
The theme of this year's World Wildlife Day is "Sustaining all life on Earth", encompassing all wild animal and plant species as key components of the world's biodiversity. 

How to Celebrate World Wildlife Day
The best way to celebrate Wildlife Day is to learn about them and spread the message of this important day. The Nature and Parks Authority holds activities on World Wildlife Day such as tours and tutorials, and activities that are suitable for children such as costumes and art workshops. You can go on a safari or a zoo, but there you will probably meet big, sad cats that are caged. No matter how you choose to celebrate Wildlife Day, what is important is that you spread the message that animals are important to our world for many reasons and should be maintained and treated with respect.
World Wildlife Day

Pig Day - March 1

Pig Day is a national event celebrated in the United States in honor of the pig.
The holiday began in 1972 and was founded by sisters Alan Stanley, a teacher from Texas and Mary Lynn Rave from North Carolina. Their goal was to recognize pigs as animals domesticated by human who deserve to be treated fairly and not legally cruel.
National Pig Day events include parades, celebrations at zoos, schools, nursing homes and special sporting events dedicated to pigs across the United States.

Unfortunately there are places where "pig parties" are held where pork dishes such as bacon and pork ribs are served as refreshments and pink ribbons are tied on the trees as a sign of respect for the pigs (the obvious question is if on pork day they do not deserve not to eat them for a change?)
In honor of Pig Day, we'll be happy if you think of pigs positively, and find that they are animals, that can suffer, enjoy, love, play and rejoice, like all animals on earth. Even if they look greasy and dirty, that does not mean they are not charming.

Fun facts about pigs:
The pig is a very intelligent, sensitive and sociable animal.
There are quite a few people who raise a pig as a pet. One of the famous pigs adopted is Esther the Wonder Pig. Esther was adopted in 2012 by a couple who love animals from the US. When they adopted her she was a dwarf pig thrown from the commercial farm where she grew up, probably because of some deformity. And half almost follow.
Esther the Wonder Pig 

Like humans, pigs eat everything, meaning both plants and other animals.

The pig's nose is an important tool for finding food in the soil and for feeling the world around it.

Pigs have an excellent sense of smell and humans take advantage of this feature to detect explosives and truffles.

The kosher and Halal laws of Judaism and Islam forbid eating pork. In Judaism, the pig is not kosher because it is a horseshoe, but it does not breed. In Judaism and Islam the pig is a symbol of impurity

Pigs coloring pages
There are about 2 billion pigs in the world.

Humans raise pigs on the farm for their meat.

Some people like to raise pigs as pets.

Wild boars are often hunted in the wild.

In some parts of the world, wild boars are the main source of food for tigers.

Pigs can transmit a variety of diseases to humans.

Relative to their body size, pigs have small lungs.

Pigs are known for their gluttonous nature hence the phrase "eat like a pig".

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day- February 23

Every dog has its day and today is definitely the day of the dogs! February 23 is the holiday of appreciation for dog biscuits.
Dog biscuits were invented in the mid-19th century by James Spratt, an American manufacturer who visited Liverpool, England and saw there how dogs like to eat their owners' toast and cookies.
He thought the idea of making special biscuits for dogs, which would also contain meat and vegetables, would be wonderful and he returned from London with a secret recipe and opened Spratt's, the first company in the world to produce biscuits for dogs.


Today many dogs enjoy their special biscuits and they are also often used in training and as rewards in training programs.
There are many types of biscuits for dogs today, including those that clean dogs' teeth.
In honor of Dog Biscuit Day, give your best friend who walks on four biscuits and make his day!


In the photo: My dog smells the biscuits I bought her

Love Your Pet Day- February 20

Without judging or criticizing, it happens to each of us sometimes that he takes his pet for granted. Not that we do not love them, but it happens sometimes that because of everyday worries we forget to treat our dog or cat (or hamster, rabbit or parrot) a bit, forget to pet, say kind words, treat them a bit like a nuisance when you have to go out with them in the rain, and not even notice that the plate of food or water is empty.
February 20 is a special day for anyone who has a pet. This is Love Your Pet Day and it is meant to remind us of the existence of the cute and beloved creatures who live with us and love us unconditionally. Many times they have a hard time telling us what is bothering them and what they are missing, but in life they will not leave us and will not betray us even if we do not understand them.
Today is the day to observe love in a pet and appreciate all the love and joy it brings into our lives.
In the Western world many households have at least one pet. The animal can be a dog, cat, bird, horse, donkey, freshwater fish, reptiles and amphibians or any other animal that is raised for pleasure and emotional connection and not for exploitation.

Raising pets has a health benefit - studies have found that raising a pet relieves mental stress and lowers blood pressure. If you know someone who suffers from high blood pressure for example, recommend him as a remedy to raise a dog that will take him for walks outside three times a day.
Did you know that raising pets for fun was illegitimate and unacceptable until the 19th century? Throughout most of history in most societies animals have been considered inferior creatures devoid of emotion or thought. If you loved an animal in the Middle Ages you would be suspected of witchcraft and severely punished!

What made the dog an acceptable pet, not a working and guard animal, was their use as hunting dogs whose upkeep until the new age was allowed only to nobles. During the long hunting trips a close and affectionate relationship was formed between the hunter and his dog but it was still not acceptable to treat him as an animal that could be raised not for practical benefit.
In the second half of the 19th century, the urban middle class began to raise dogs and cats as pets and the hobby spread to the less affluent classes as well.
In the Victorian era, the pet became a status symbol. In 1859 the first dog show was held in England. In the 80s of the 19th century the first pet stores appeared in Paris and commercial dog food dry their ability to obtain only from 1920.
In honor of Love Your Pet Day, pamper your pet and give it special attention and preferably also a tasty snack. If you do not upload pictures of her to social networks at least once a day, it is today to share with everyone the last picture you took (preferably from the last hour) and encourage people to adopt pets that need a warm home. It is known that pictures of pets on social networks provide many moments of amusement that enhance the mood and are beneficial to our mental state.
Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day
Picture: A cat checks to see if he's cute enough today

February 20 is also World Social Justice Day and Handcuffs Day

Groundhog Day - February 2nd

The groundhog is a rodent from the squirrel family, which according to an ancient belief in Europe, heralds the coming of spring.
Groundhog Day is a popular holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada every February 2nd.
The reason for the holiday is the awakening of the groundhog from its winter slumber and its exit from the burrow. According to the belief, if the groundhog forms from the burrow, it is a sign that spring is beginning because the clouds in the sky prevent it from seeing its own shadow. On the other hand, if she returns to her forgiveness, it is because the sun illuminates her and allows her to see her own shadow and this is a sign of another six weeks of winter.
The holiday originated in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA, with German immigrants in the 18th and 19th centuries who brought with them additional customs that foretell spring that were common in ancient Europe.

Happy Groundhog Day
How to celebrate Groundhog Day?
The groundhog is an animal that lives in mountainous areas in Central Europe, America and Asia so if you are there, you can find groundhog burrows and you can follow them if they come out and wake up or come back in. What you can also do is watch the 1993 film "Get Up Yesterday Morning," starring Bill Murray and Andy McDowell, which recounts the events of the Groundhog Day in the town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

February 2 is also World Wetlands Day

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