Golden Retriever Day - February 3rd

Today we celebrate in honor of one of our best and cutest friends, who not only serve as pets that can be played with but also help us professionally many times - the Golden Retriever dogs.
The Golden Retriever dogs, abbreviated as "golden" are dogs with long golden fur (hence their name), which are medium to large in size and friendly and comfortable in nature.
They are not suitable to be guard dogs because they are usually not aggressive, but because of their great tolerance and high potential for training, they are often used as guide dogs for the blind or companion dogs for the disabled. Because of their well-developed sense of smell, the police also use them to detect explosives and they also help with hunting.
The Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs all over the world.

The name Golden Retriever is derived from the word Retrieve which means "return". In the 19th century the Scots began to use this breed of dog in their hunting expeditions, to help bring in the hunt which was often shot and fallen in a distant and inaccessible place for hunters. The Golden Retriever breed was originally created from a hybrid of stray dogs that were used for hunting and John Newfoundland dogs brought to the UK by fishermen from the island of Newfoundland in North America.

The Golden Retriever Day was created by a Golden Retriever owner named Kristen who realized that there is no day to celebrate in honor of this breed of dog. She founded the Golden Retriever Day on the birthday of her beloved dog.
February 3rd is also Carrot Cake Day and Japanese Setsubun 

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