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National Barrier Awareness Day - May 7

In 1986, on May 7, Ronald Reagan announced National Barrier Awareness Day.
This day is designed to raise awareness of the barriers and obstacles suffered by some 36 million Americans with various disabilities.

Eighty percent of Americans experience some disability in their lives. These can be permanent or temporary disabilities. Society must, according to the manifesto written by Reagan, understand and appreciate the barriers and obstacles they have to deal with and how important it is to help them, because even the disabled can overcome and contribute to our society.
Many disabled people face financial, cultural, and physical barriers due to a public lack of understanding of their needs. We need to be more aware of the barriers that prevent or hinder so many citizens from fully participating in our social life, and how much they could have contributed if these obstacles had been removed ...

Golden Retriever Day - February 3rd

Today we celebrate in honor of one of our best and cutest friends, who not only serve as pets that can be played with but also help us professionally many times - the Golden Retriever dogs.
The Golden Retriever dogs, abbreviated as "golden" are dogs with long golden fur (hence their name), which are medium to large in size and friendly and comfortable in nature.
They are not suitable to be guard dogs because they are usually not aggressive, but because of their great tolerance and high potential for training, they are often used as guide dogs for the blind or companion dogs for the disabled. Because of their well-developed sense of smell, the police also use them to detect explosives and they also help with hunting.
The Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs all over the world.

The name Golden Retriever is derived from the word Retrieve which means "return". In the 19th century the Scots began to use this breed of dog in their hunting expeditions, to help bring in the hunt which was often shot and fallen in a distant and inaccessible place for hunters. The Golden Retriever breed was originally created from a hybrid of stray dogs that were used for hunting and John Newfoundland dogs brought to the UK by fishermen from the island of Newfoundland in North America.

The Golden Retriever Day was created by a Golden Retriever owner named Kristen who realized that there is no day to celebrate in honor of this breed of dog. She founded the Golden Retriever Day on the birthday of her beloved dog.
February 3rd is also Carrot Cake Day and Japanese Setsubun 

Global Community Engagement Day- 28 January

Community involvement is a process of collaboration within community groups to address issues that affect the well-being of these groups. Although the term seems vague, community involvement is a concept that is a part of every person's life.

Any action you take that helps people in your community, whether it's a local community like the neighborhood or city where you live, or the country where you live, any such thing is community involvement. Community Involvement Day is designed to express appreciation to people who contribute to their community through various activities. Even if you contribute in your actions to something global, outside the boundaries of where you live, you are considered community involved because you are part of a large community of Earth inhabitants and you deserve appreciation.
Community involvement can be manifested in many activities for the community such as: helping the elderly, assisting the disabled, working with autistics, providing free private lessons for needy children, raising and distributing food packages to the needy, medical assistance to animals or providing assistance in animal shelters, animal adoption As a foster family until they find a permanent home, volunteering for the Civil Guard or rescue organizations and more.

Global Community Involvement Day started as an idea of the Engage 2 Act, an organization that aims to promote community involvement by bringing people together to talk about important issues in their community. Engage 2 Act started as a small group in South Australia that wanted to reach out to people all over the world and talk about what they are doing for community involvement. Because they wanted to put the holiday on the world map, they started with a survey, and asked their followers on social media, who is the person most active in community involvement. Whoever received the most number of votes, his birthday will be their official holiday date.
The results of the surveys showed that the most prominent person in his community involvement is the writer Dr. Wendy Sarkissian and that is why they chose her birthday today as the world community involvement.

How to celebrate Community Involvement Day?
One way to celebrate this special day is to meet with your colleagues who are involved in the community and do for it and celebrate with a good meal. You can also talk to other people about it, organize lectures and post on social media your activities and those of other people in your community. Today almost every locality in the country has a Facebook page and it is today to post on this page the special holiday and encourage people to take part in the community and donate their time and skills to it. Everyone has something to contribute and it is always exciting to see people helping each other.

January 28 is also Data Privacy Day

International Day of Persons with Disabilities- 3 December

The International Day of People with Disabilities, is a day declared by the United Nations in 1992. The purpose of this day is to encourage a better understanding of people with disabilities, and to raise their awareness of their rights to live in dignity and welfare of society and the awareness of healthy benefits integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of life; economic, political, social and cultural. Today people with disabilities does not deal exclusively physical or mental disabilities that, but encompasses all known deficiencies, from autism to Down syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

The history of the Persons with Disabilities Day

It all started in 1976 when the UN General Assembly took the decision in 1981 will be the International Year of People with Disabilities. 5 years between the decision to come this year dedicated practice facilities, were used for studying the difficulties faced by people with disabilities, how to compare opportunities for people with disabilities and how ensure Paralympics will participate fully in community life. Another issue discussed was how the world's governments can prevent the emergence of disabled people in the first place. checked and interrogated viruses and diseases that cause different types of disability, for example. The decade of 1983 to 1992 has been declared by the United Nations decade of people with disabilities, and at this time began to implement all learned to improve the lives of people with disabilities worldwide. Such as accessibility for the disabled.

How to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities?

Every year since 1992, held a variety of events in many countries. Disability Day serves as discussions, forums and campaigns related to disability, and communities are invited to organize meetings, calls, and even shows their areas. These can range from hosting a musical play, with people with disabilities to be involved in these productions. The overall aim is to show people who are not disabled person with a disability can have a lively social life, like any healthy individual. Healthy people are not always aware of this fact, which can lead to different types of discrimination varies widely in severity. The disabled, however, enjoy such performances by this they prove to themselves that there are many things they can still do, despite their restrictive conditions, which can help their self-esteem and prevent mental health problems such as depression. In general, such events are designed to challenge and get rid of various stereotypes, so that people with disabilities can enjoy a life free of discrimination and other grievances.

Every year on this day there is a new emphasis on aspects related to improving the lives of people living with a disability. In 2007, for example, this year's theme was "decent work for persons with disabilities". In 2013 it was "breaking barriers, opening doors, society in general and development for all," even aid people with disabilities who live in includes every country, and to make sure that now accessible as possible to people with disabilities in all aspects, build structures safe and wheelchair accessible, installing wrote Braille elevator buttons, installing sound systems for people with hearing impairments and others. The theme of 2015: "Matters of the bride-connecting and empowering people of all abilities."

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