Hippo's day- 15 February

The name Hippo comes from Hippopotamus which is in Greek - Hippo is horse and this Potamus is River. The animal hippos are swimming in the rivers of Africa, so the question is why their name in Greek actually determined? Whatever the name, the 15th of February is a day of celebration in honor of Hippos and in this day you can go visit them at the zoo or safari, or solidarity, make a mud bath, open yawning mouth and big and boast your extra pounds if you have any.

Hippos are semi-aquatic mammals, with a large barrel-shaped body, short legs, short tail and huge head. They have greyish to muddy skin at the top of the body, and light pink skin at the bottom.

The largest populations of hippos are living in Zambia and Tanzania. Unfortunately, hippopotamuses are in constant danger and their population is dwindling because of their habitat damage and the hunters illegally killing them for their meat, skin and fangs.

Although hippopotamuses do not eat meat, they are considered the most dangerous and aggressive animals in Africa.

The hippo is the third largest land mammal in the world. Only the elephants and rhinos are larger terrestrial mammals.

Hippos are heavy, short-legged creatures and short legs, but they can easily get a human running. In short-distance running, they are able to reach 40 mph.

The hippopotamus is the rabbi, which means an animal fed on plants. He eats weeds at night and can eat about 35 pounds of grass in one night!

The female hippopotamus, giving birth every two years, usually one hippo. The pregnancy lasts 8 months. The litter occurs in the water and shortly afterwards, the mother and her baby join the herd of hippos to protect against predators such as alligators, lions and hyenas.

Because of the sheer size of the hippos, they have almost no enemies among the animals, and only when they are small puppies are they at risk of being predisposed by alligators.

The hippos in the wild live about 40 years. In captivity, they tend to live longer and may reach the age of 50.

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