Tortellini Day - February 13

February 13th is a special day for Italian stuffed pasta lovers - Tortellini Day!
The tortellini are stuffed pasta dumplings in the shape of a ring reminiscent of a shell, usually in a mixture of meat, cheese or vegetables (especially spinach, sweet potatoes and pumpkin).
The tortellini originates from Emilia, Bologna and Modena in Italy. They are served mostly with soups or in a creamy sauce and ragout (meat sauce). The sauces they are served with are usually based on butter, olive oil, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheeses and their taste is done so that they do not even exceed the taste of the tortilla filling.

The origin of the name Tortellini is from the word "Tortellini", which in Italian means cake.
The first time the tortellini is mentioned in history is in 1664, in the book "The Economy of the City in the Villa" (L'economia del cittadino in villa) in which it is described as butter-cooked. Originally the tortellini was meant to recycle the leftover meat from the tables of the rich nobles for the poor in the area.
In 1842, the French bibliographic traveler Antoine Claude-Pasquain described the tortellini stuffed with beef, egg yolk and Parmesan cheese.
The big brother of the tortellini is the tortelloni. This is a larger version with vegetable filling, served with sauce and not with soup.

Members of an organization called the "The Learned Order of the Tortellini" in Bologna, Italy, wear special tortellini-shaped hats, in red and gold, for their meetings. They also wear a ribbon around their necks with a gold tortilla pendant. Members of the Order dedicate their lives to preserving the traditional tortellini.
There are many ways to make tortellini. In honor of the tortellini day, learn how to make it stuffed with what you like, and use the tens of thousands of recipes on the net. Another option is to go out to an Italian restaurant and order a tortellini.

Con appetito!

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