World Marriage Day - The second Sunday in February

World Marriage Day is a day marked by the sponsorship of an American organization called the Worldwide Marriage Encounter, which is associated with the Catholic movement and aims to encourage and sanctify the institution of marriage.
The purpose of the wedding day is: "World Marriage Day respects the husband and wife as the basis of the family, the basic unit of society, and salutes the beauty of their loyalty, sacrifice and joy in the daily life of the married."

The idea to celebrate the marriage began in Baton Rouge, the capital of the state of Louisiana in the USA, when married couples encouraged the mayor, governor and bishop to declare Valentine's Day today "We believe in the anniversary". The event was very successful and the idea was presented and adopted by Other organizations that encourage marriage around the world.
In 1982, 43 U.S. governors announced the day and the festivities spread to U.S. military bases in foreign countries. In 1993 Pope John Paul II dedicated his greetings to World Anniversary and since then World Anniversary celebrations have continued to spread around the world.

World Anniversary Symbol - Link

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