National Multiple Personality Day- March 5

National Multiple Personality Day has two approaches to reference. The first approach is that this is a day designed to raise awareness of the severe psychiatric disorder called dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personality disorder. The second approach is that it is a day to examine our qualities, how they are expressed in different places and at different times and how we show ourselves differently to different people.

The first approach designates this day to raise awareness to the real disorder that is a serious condition that is difficult to diagnose. In people who actually have multiple personality disorder, each time a different character they embody is manifested, usually with a different name, age and occupation and they are really convinced that each time they are someone else.
The second approach designates this day to celebrate the non-clinical phenomenon that occasionally happens to each of us, to celebrate with all the voices in our heads and most of all it is fine!
Many people believe that they have a number of personalities other than the main one they usually show in public, and that each of their personalities is characterized by different traits. Maybe it’s because in different situations and different environments, we behave differently. 
How to mark Personality Split Awareness / Dissociative Identity Disorder Day?
Because there are two ways to relate to this day, you can mark the day in one or both ways. One way is to explore your personality traits. Take personality tests and learn more about yourself. Invite friends to come in with you for a test and compare the results. The second way is to learn about dissociative identity disorder. Learn how it affects a person and how to treat it. You can watch lectures or read about the disorder. Show support for people with the disorder by sharing your new understanding. If you have a dissociative identity disorder, help raise awareness of it by talking to friends and family about how it affects you in your daily life. Talk to your therapist about ways to manage the disorder.

Personality Split Day is also a day to have fun with the non-clinical version of the disorder that most of us have from time to time. One can on this day have fun with the different characters we embody every day in different situations, and listen a little to the voices we hear in our heads that sometimes argue among themselves and drive us a little crazy.
Is it a day to think about what personality you have when you are in the company of people you do not know and what personality do you have when you are alone or with the people closest to you? Who do you feel comfortable with exposing your crazy side? In the company of who comes out of you the good and felt side and who takes out of you the evil side?

National Multiple Personality Day

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