Panda Day - March 16

The panda is a white and black fur ball, with black circles around the eyes and a black tuxedo suit, which when seen really want to hug it tight.
Just kidding, a panda is a bear. A bear that lives in China and likes to eat bamboo.

The history of Panda Day
The announcement of Panda Day grew out of the need to protect these bears. The panda bear, actually called a Giant Panda bear, is a unique and special mammal that lives in mountainous areas in China, such as Sichuan and Tibet.
Towards the end of the 20th century, the Chinese who are not suckers, made the giant panda their national symbol and its figure even appears on Chinese gold coins.
The giant panda is considered a carnivorous animal, but it usually feeds only on plants, mainly bamboo. He can eat everything, including eggs, insects, fish and more, but to be happy he only needs bamboo all day.

How to celebrate Panda Day?
If you are in a place that has pandas, go visit them. Do not throw snacks or soft drinks in cans or bottles because it is really bad. Give them bamboo as they like and a hug.
If you are in a place where there are no panda bears, then remember that there is always a chance that one day you will meet a panda bear at a zoo abroad, or in China, and in the meantime settle for panda bears, or shirts with panda prints, watch cute videos with Panda bears that is plentiful online, draw a panda bear and paint it in panda colors, watch the movie Kung Fu Panda and in short, everything related to panda bears, today is the day to do.

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