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Summer birthday of Paddington Bear- 25 June

June 25 is the summer birthday of Paddington Bear. Paddington, the cute little bear is a fictitious character in a series of books for children created by the British author Michael Bond.

In the first story the little bear was found by the Brown family, lost at the Paddington railway station with a note attached to his collar that read "Please look after this bear. Thank you." When the Browns asked him for his name he said his original Peruvian name was too complicated for them to pronounce, so they decided to call him Paddington. Also, since he was unsure of his age and since he was such a special bear they decided that he deserved two birthdays, just like the queen of England – his summer birthday on June 25 and his winter birthday on December 25.
Here are some interesting facts about Paddington Bear:

1.       The home address of the Brown family does not exist. Don't try to find it.
Many tourists who try to locate 32 Windsor Gardens, the address of Paddington's adoptive family, find out to their disappointment that there is no house with such a number in that street. Michael Bond invented that address as a combination of his and his parents' addresses.


2.       Had Michael Bond gone Christmas shopping earlier, Paddington Bear would not have been born.On Christmas Eve, 1956, Michael Bond entered a toy store looking for a present for his wife Brenda. On one of the shelves he noticed a small toy bear that had been left all by itself. Feeling sorry for it, Bond bought the bear, took it to his home near Paddington station, and sat down to write a few amusing tales about it just for fun. After ten days he realized that he had a book on his hands, not primarily intended to be specifically for children.

3.       Paddington Bear is a spectacled bear.
Bond wanted Paddington to be a bear that had "travelled all the way from darkest Africa", but his agent recommended that he change the original habitat as darkest Africa had no bears. So, Peru was selected, being the natural home of the spectacled bear. Paddington later reveals that his Peruvian name was Pastuso and that he was reluctant to disclose it fearing that no one would be able to pronounce it.

4.       Paddington Bear raised a political scandal.Mick Young, Australian Special Minister of State in Bob Hawk's government, was compelled to step resign in 1984 after failing to declare at customs a large Paddington bear and other goods carried by his wife in her luggage. The event became known as the Paddington Bear affair.

5.       Google loves Paddington Bear. On October 13, 2008, Google dedicated a doodle to Paddington Bear to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary since the publication of the first book in the Paddington Bear series.

6.       The Wellington boot manufacturers could hardly meet the massive demand for boots for Paddington Bear dolls.
The early Paddington Bear dolls were fitted with kiddy boots made by the Dunlop Corporation, in order to ensure that they stood up firmly. However, as demand stretched Dunlop's manufacturing capability to the limit, the doll makers Gabrielle Designs were forced to manufacture the boots by their own means. In the year 1978 the demand for Paddington Bears reached a peak of 87,000 dolls.

7.       Up to 2014 twenty four books were published in the Paddington Bear series.
Over thirty five million copies, translated into forty languages, were sold worldwide.

8.       Paddington appeared in the 2012 London Olympic Games.
The phenomenon that is often called the "Paddington effect" shows no sign of waning. Paddington Races Ahead was published in April 2012 as a salute to the London Olympic Games that took place in the summer of that year. In the book, Paddington, who repeatedly says that his legs "are a bit short for the pole vault", is mistakenly identified as a Peruvian hurdler by a film crew. Naturally, Paddington actually participated in the opening ceremony parade along the athletic track in the Olympic Stadium.

  Paddington Races Ahead - Free

June 25 is also Global Beatles Day

Panda Day - March 16

The panda is a white and black fur ball, with black circles around the eyes and a black tuxedo suit, which when seen really want to hug it tight.
Just kidding, a panda is a bear. A bear that lives in China and likes to eat bamboo.

The history of Panda Day
The announcement of Panda Day grew out of the need to protect these bears. The panda bear, actually called a Giant Panda bear, is a unique and special mammal that lives in mountainous areas in China, such as Sichuan and Tibet.
Towards the end of the 20th century, the Chinese who are not suckers, made the giant panda their national symbol and its figure even appears on Chinese gold coins.
The giant panda is considered a carnivorous animal, but it usually feeds only on plants, mainly bamboo. He can eat everything, including eggs, insects, fish and more, but to be happy he only needs bamboo all day.

How to celebrate Panda Day?
If you are in a place that has pandas, go visit them. Do not throw snacks or soft drinks in cans or bottles because it is really bad. Give them bamboo as they like and a hug.
If you are in a place where there are no panda bears, then remember that there is always a chance that one day you will meet a panda bear at a zoo abroad, or in China, and in the meantime settle for panda bears, or shirts with panda prints, watch cute videos with Panda bears that is plentiful online, draw a panda bear and paint it in panda colors, watch the movie Kung Fu Panda and in short, everything related to panda bears, today is the day to do.

Happy Panda Day greeting cards   
Coloring pages of Panda bears

Coloring pages of Panda Bears

Coloring pages of Panda BearsChoose the Panda coloring page you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on it and then click Ctrl+P. Want to add the child's name to the drawing? Get in here.

very cute giant panda bear coloring page
girl hugging a panda bear coloring page
cute girl and cute panda bear coloring page
Cute Panda bear with a cute girl coloring book
girl with panda bear coloring page for kids

Giant Panda bear sleeps on a tree Coloring pagesColoring pages giant panda bearsMother Panda and baby Panda relaxing Coloring page
Coloring pages of panda bearPanda playing on her back coloring page for kids
Panda and baby panda coloring page for kidsSad Panda coloring page for kidsGiant Panda coloring pages

Giant Panda bear coloring page for kidsGiant Panda bear coloring page
Giant panda bear coloring page for kidsGiant panda climbing on a tree coloring pageGiant panda bear coloring page for kids
Giant panda and baby panda coloring page for kidscoloring page for kids of panda bears
Panda eats bamboo coloring pageGiant panda on a tree coloring page for kidsPanda eats bamboo coloring page
Giant Panda bear coloring page for childrencoloring page for kids of pandasA panda lies on its back coloring page for kids
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Happy panda colouring sheetPanda eats ramen coloring page for kidsPanda drinks bubble tea coloring page for kids
Cute unicorn panda coloring page for kidsPanda eats bamboo coloring page for kidscount and color how many Panda bears
Panda with heart coloring page for kidsPandacorn coloring page for kidsPanda and birthday cake coloring page for kids
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Coloring pages of We Bare Bears

Coloring pages of We Bare Bears, American animated series for children​. The series tells the story of three adopted sibling bears: Grizzly (Grizz), Panda (Pan-Pan) and Ice Bear. The bears arrive in San Francisco and try to adapt to the world of humans. They try to connect with humans and eventually realize that their instincts are different because they are animals. They understand that they need to support each other. They experience adventures together with their friends in the park such as: Wonder Girl Chloe Park, Bigfoot Charlie, Nom Nom the Koala, Ranger Dana Tabes and Lucy the Saleswoman. To print the coloring page of We Bare Bears, click on the coloring page and then Ctrl + P. The printable coloring sheets of We Bare Bears are for free and you can come back to print and color again and again. Below you will find We Bare Bears coloring pages which you can paint for your enjoyment. Choose the coloring page of We Bare Bears you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. Have fun!

Ice Bear in a Bubble Tea coloring pageFree bears coloring pageWe Bare Bears coloring sheet- Eating cookies
We Bare Bears coloring pageTower of bears - from bottom to top: Ice Bear, pan pan panda and Grizz the grizzlyThe three bears under a blanket coloring page
We bare bears coloring page- Taking selfieThe three bears in costumes coloring sheetIce Bear coloring page
Nom Nom the Koala coloring pagePan-Pan, Grizz and Ice Bear eating ice cream coloring pageWe bare bear coloring page
Ice Bear coloring pageWe Bare Bears Cartoon Network Panda PlushWe Bare Bears Baby Bears White Mug

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