Lost Sock Memorial Day- May 9th

Lost sock Memorial Day occurrs on May 9 (notice the date odd, right?) Every year. 
This day is dedicated to all the socks that were lost along the way, between the laundry basket and the washing machine and the clothes line or dryer. Individual socks always remain their spouse absent. Many people fail to address the problem of the disappearance of socks and stay with half-pairs, with few socks with broken heart who have lost their spouse. 
 There are several possible solutions, such as buy all the time the same pair of socks, wash in a mesh basket only socks, sort the washing to only socks, hang the stockings of the few on a special rack or store all the lonely socks in a box and occasionally to launch an exciting reunion of seperated Socks. 

You can also find a few uses for socks that left alone like:

  • As a sack of coins 
  • As a fabric packs for hair clips or pieces of cotton wool, etc. 
  • Churning cheese 
  • Socks for dog or cat (it's actually nice to have four different socks!) 
  • As a Pet toy 
  • Fill them and use them to make a pillow for needles and pins 
  • Make sleeping pads for dolls 
  • Make hands puppets

A matching socks website

May 9 is also Europe day

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