Singles' Day- November 11

November 11 is Singles' Day- the Chinese bachelor day. The reason for choosing this date is that on this day the digit "1", which is of course the single digit, appears four times.

This day is dedicated to all bachelors and bachelorettes in China, and is celebrated mainly in shopping with huge discounts, in fact it is the biggest shopping day on the Internet.

We can enjoy Chinese singles day from shopping at the major websites that do special offers.

The Aliexpress website concluded the Chinese Singles Day, November 11, 2016, in some interesting and fun anecdotes:

On 11/11/16, buyers from 207 different countries bought in the site. The most northerly country bought was Greenland, and the southernmost one was Chile.

During the day, 6,800,000 parcels were bought. If we put all the packages on each other, we will reach a height of 136 times Mount Everest, or 1,449 times Burj Khalifa Building, 3,692 times the Eiffel Tower or 26,087 times the Statue of Liberty.

The countries that spent the most money - first place Russia, second place the US and third place Brazil. 

The countries that bought products from the most categories - in first place Israel, second place Russia and third place Belarus.

The most sexy country, the one that bought the most lingerie and swimwear bikini - Russia.

The most musical country, the one that bought the most musical instruments is Brazil.

The beauty queen, the country where they bought the most beauty and care products is the United States.

Lovers of cell phones, those who bought the most products related to mobile phones - Russia.

The sportiest country, the one that bought the most sports accessories - Spain.

The land of water, the country where they bought the most water sports and diving suits - Australia.

Country of chefs, the country where they bought the most kitchen and cooking accessories - Russia.

And last but not least, the country that likes to celebrate, the one that bought the most costumes ... Israel.

November 11 is also Origami Day and Veterans Day

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