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Singles' Day- November 11

November 11 is Singles' Day- the Chinese bachelor day. The reason for choosing this date is that on this day the digit "1", which is of course the single digit, appears four times.

This day is dedicated to all bachelors and bachelorettes in China, and is celebrated mainly in shopping with huge discounts, in fact it is the biggest shopping day on the Internet.

We can enjoy Chinese singles day from shopping at the major websites that do special offers.

The Aliexpress website concluded the Chinese Singles Day, November 11, 2016, in some interesting and fun anecdotes:

On 11/11/16, buyers from 207 different countries bought in the site. The most northerly country bought was Greenland, and the southernmost one was Chile.

During the day, 6,800,000 parcels were bought. If we put all the packages on each other, we will reach a height of 136 times Mount Everest, or 1,449 times Burj Khalifa Building, 3,692 times the Eiffel Tower or 26,087 times the Statue of Liberty.

The countries that spent the most money - first place Russia, second place the US and third place Brazil. 

The countries that bought products from the most categories - in first place Israel, second place Russia and third place Belarus.

The most sexy country, the one that bought the most lingerie and swimwear bikini - Russia.

The most musical country, the one that bought the most musical instruments is Brazil.

The beauty queen, the country where they bought the most beauty and care products is the United States.

Lovers of cell phones, those who bought the most products related to mobile phones - Russia.

The sportiest country, the one that bought the most sports accessories - Spain.

The land of water, the country where they bought the most water sports and diving suits - Australia.

Country of chefs, the country where they bought the most kitchen and cooking accessories - Russia.

And last but not least, the country that likes to celebrate, the one that bought the most costumes ... Israel.

November 11 is also Origami Day and Veterans Day

Chinese Language Day - April 20

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world and in its honor a special official day was declared by the UN.
This day is meant to celebrate the history of language and its overall contribution to the world.
April 20 was chosen to "cherish Cangjie, a mythical figure who allegedly invented the Chinese letters about 5,000 years ago."
Cangjie was according to legend the official historian of the Yellow Emperor and had four eyes. Legend has it that when Cangjie invented the Chinese characters, it rained millet and the gods and spirits cried. Around April 20 begins the Guyu period (Chinese: 谷雨), which literally means "rain of millet", so it was decided that this would be the appropriate date to celebrate Chinese Language Day.
Chinese is the language spoken in the countries of Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Singapore and in total is spoken by over 1,200,000,000 (billion and two hundred million) people.
Following the development of the Chinese economy and the global trade ties with China it is important that the wider world be more proficient in the Chinese language.

The word "peace" in Chinese

How to celebrate Chinese Language Day?

To celebrate Chinese Language Day you can sign up for a Chinese class, watch movies in Chinese or hear songs in Chinese.

April 20th is also Cannabis Day
Chinese language day
The word "love" in Chinese 

Chinese New Year 2021- Year of Ox

Chinese New Year is celebrated in the first two weeks of the Chinese year, on varying dates, usually between the end of January and mid-February. The holiday is celebrated in China and Hong Kong and in countries with a large population of Chinese like Singapore and Taiwan.

The Chinese calendar is determined by the moon. It operates for a cycle of 60 years, with every two consecutive years bearing a name associated with one of the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, metal and one of the 12 animals: monkey, rooster, dog, pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon , Snake, horse and sheep.
Chinese New Year 2021- Year of Ox
Common Chinese New Year customs are buying gifts for family, friends and acquaintances, hanging lanterns, mostly in red that brings good luck, decorating, cleaning and grooming the house, a family dinner for union and family harmony, where dishes like ducks, pigs, chicken and sweet delicacies are served.

One of the common blessings for the beginning of the new year is "Good Luck", because the Chinese believe that a new year brings with it a good luck. So in the greeting cards they send to each other they wish the new year good luck. In order to ward off bad luck and bring good luck closer, the Chinese usually hang traditional symbols on their doorstep and during the hanging make noise and commotion with the help of firecrackers.
During the holiday you can watch festive processions of dancers and especially those who carry paper dolls in the shape of a lion and a dragon that symbolize good luck. The holiday culminates and ends on the 15th of the first month of the new year, with a celebration of lights, or a lantern festival across China.
When does the Chinese New Year come out in the coming years and which are the animals that symbolize the coming years?

2020- January 25 - Year of the Rat
2021 - February 12 - the year of the ox
2022 - February 1 - The Year of the Tiger
2023- January 22 - Year of the Rabbit
2024- February 10 - Year of the Dragon
2025- January 29 - Snake Year
2026- February 17 - The Year of the Horse
2027- February 6 - Year of the Sheep
2028- January 26 - the year of the monkey
2029- February 13 - the year of the rooster
2030- February 3 - Year of the Dog
2031 - January 23 - the year of the pig

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