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Pi Day - March 14

The day of the pi is the feast day of the mathematical constant Pi, whose first three digits are 3.14, and therefore it is celebrated on March 14 (14/3).
The pi holiday is celebrated mainly by all those who practice mathematics and love mathematics. In universities around the world for example Pi Day is celebrated in the math departments and it is even celebrated at exactly 1:59, as a continuation of Pi’s literature.

How to celebrate Pi Day?
It can be celebrated in many creative ways. You can eat a pie cake decorated with the pi symbol-π. There are pi clubs that are groups of people who love pi, who meet especially and devote thought to how pi has played a role in their lives, imagining the world without pi, playing piñata, and maybe even drinking pina colada. It is also customary to hold competitions to memorize Pi's digits (on Pi Day 2004, Daniel Tammett set a European record for reciting Pi, reciting it to his 22,514 digits), lighting 3.14 candles (approximately) and more.
On March 14, 2015, Super Pi Day was celebrated, celebrating the approx. 3.1415. The serious ones will also mark 9:26:53 as a continuation of Pi's numerical order.

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