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Chinese Language Day - April 20

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world and in its honor a special official day was declared by the UN.
This day is meant to celebrate the history of language and its overall contribution to the world.
April 20 was chosen to "cherish Cangjie, a mythical figure who allegedly invented the Chinese letters about 5,000 years ago."
Cangjie was according to legend the official historian of the Yellow Emperor and had four eyes. Legend has it that when Cangjie invented the Chinese characters, it rained millet and the gods and spirits cried. Around April 20 begins the Guyu period (Chinese: 谷雨), which literally means "rain of millet", so it was decided that this would be the appropriate date to celebrate Chinese Language Day.
Chinese is the language spoken in the countries of Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Singapore and in total is spoken by over 1,200,000,000 (billion and two hundred million) people.
Following the development of the Chinese economy and the global trade ties with China it is important that the wider world be more proficient in the Chinese language.

The word "peace" in Chinese

How to celebrate Chinese Language Day?

To celebrate Chinese Language Day you can sign up for a Chinese class, watch movies in Chinese or hear songs in Chinese.

April 20th is also Cannabis Day
Chinese language day
The word "love" in Chinese 

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