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French Macaron Day- March 20

French macaron day is a day of celebration in honor of the French cookies, baked light, made from two interlinked cookies with cream.

The macaron is a general name for light-baked cookies whose dough contains no flour, butter, oil or margarine, and is based on protein foam and sugar. The day of the French macaron is a festive day for French cookies, lightly baked, made from two cookies. 

Who invented the French macaron?

The French macaron was invented by Pierre Desfontaines, a confectioner from the delicatessen of Lourdes in Paris. He invented the idea of a cookie consisting of two layers of macaron dough with different fillings that hold the layers together, such as butter cream, jam or ganache.

French macaron are not only tasty and have a delicate and addictive texture, but come in a variety of colors and flavors, a real feast for the eyes.

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In honor of the day of the French macaron, make colorful macaron or buy a delicious pastry bakery and do not forget to offer me some too.

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