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World Lupus Day - May 10

World Lupus Day is celebrated every year on May 10th. Today's goal is to raise awareness of a disease that little is known about, but for those who suffer from it, it has a devastating effect on him and his family.

Lupus is a chronic disease that causes the immune system to become overactive, creating antibodies that attack the body's healthy tissues. Lupus can cause pain, inflammation and damage to any part of the body and can be fatal. There is currently no known cure for the disease and about five million people suffer from lupus disease worldwide.
Lupus Day was first celebrated in 2004. It was founded by organizations aiming to fight lupus from thirteen countries, calling on governments to increase funding for research, provide better treatment services, increase epidemiological data and raise disease awareness.

Lupus Day is associated with the color purple, and people can show their support by wearing purple clothes or buying special purple ribbons with the caption "Help us solve the cruel mystery." One of the supporters of World Lupus Day and the ambassadors of the disease-fighting organization, is Julian Lennon, the son of John Lennon, whose girlfriend Lucy Wooden (who inspired the Beatles song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds") died as a result of the disease. sourceWorld Lupus day

May 10 is also Stay Up All Night Night

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