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National I am in control day - March 30

The day titled "I am in control" was probably created following the assassination attempt on the 30th of March, 1981, by President Ronald Reagan.
Immediately after the incident, Secretary of State Alexander Haig declared to reporters: "I am in control here," which gave the impression that he was taking advantage of the situation as the president's replacement and lowering his horn in the eyes of the public. It is possible that Hague's unfortunate remark was taken out of context and deliberately emphasized by journalists, but it was enough to ruin his political career. Apparently the American people did not forgive him, so a special day was created to remember these words - "I am in control".
The assassin Brunald Reagan was John Hinckley, a mentally disturbed man who was in love with actress Judy Foster and tried to impress her. Reagan was injured as a result of a severe assassination by a bullet in the chest, but recovered and left the hospital after 12 days insisting on walking on his feet without support.

Despite the negative context of the phrase "I am in control", "I am in control" has a positive meaning - it is today to take control of our lives, make a situation assessment and start moving things and fixing the mess in our lives.
On "I'm in control" day you should start using daily plans, sorting out the paperwork, making rejected arrangements, dealing with neglected projects, making lists, learning organizational skills, asking for help in what we are not able to do alone, talking to someone, feeling confident with our decisions. Just do not forget - to be in control you have to take one step at a time, otherwise you lose control.

March 30 is also Pencil Day and Doctors' Day

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