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Radio Day - February 13

Once when we wanted to hear news or music, we would settle for the humble radio that would update us on what was happening in the world once an hour.
When we wanted to hear a song we like, without buying the whole record, we would record it from the radio (and no one said it was illegal). We would sit with our finger on the record button, and as soon as the song started we would quickly press it and wait with our finger on the pause button. How annoying were the announcers who had to speak in the background of the beginning of the song or enter at the end ...

UNESCO announced in 2011 a radio day to be held on February 13 every year, to celebrate the importance of radio in our lives. The proposal to hold this day was raised by Spain. Every second and can also download and listen to unlimited songs, but there are still places in the world for which radio is a technological miracle. There are entire populations in the world that do not have access to modern information technologies. Poor villages in Africa gather around the only radio around every night Children in remote agricultural communities in Australia attend school through radio.
Radio animated gifs
Radio is a major tool in our lives. In Israel, there are about 20 radio stations that broadcast various content such as different types of music, current affairs programs, counseling and more, stations for different populations such as immigrants from Russia, religious, Arabs and more. You can also hear through the internet many radio stations from around the world.

By the way, if you thought you did not need a home radio and that this device has already passed from the world, know that in an emergency, such as a war or a major earthquake, you need to equip a radio transistor with batteries, in case the electricity and internet do not work. That's why you should have a radio at home for any trouble that may come.
So what's your favorite radio station? What do you hear when you travel or at home?

February 13 is also Tortellini Day and Madly In Love With Me Day

World Hello Day- November 21

World Hello Day is a day celebrated in 180 countries around the world. This day was created to encourage us to greet people in peace and to understand how important simple communication is in our daily lives.
The story of how this day was created is long and interesting, and its foundation is in the Yom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt. Hello Day in Wikipedia

The history of World Hello Day
World Hello Day was first created in 1973 with the aim of showing people, and especially the people of the Middle East, that conflicts must and must be resolved through the media and not through violence. The idea is that clear and honest communication brings peace. In the 1970s the conflict between Egypt and Israel was difficult and many people feared it would lead to a great war. Indeed as we know it happened.

World Hello Day was actually created as a direct response to the Yom Kippur War that ended in October 1973, during which thousands of soldiers and civilians were killed, including many soldiers who were tortured and executed.
The idea of World Hello Day was created by Brian McCormack, a doctoral student graduating from Arizona State University, and his brother Michael McCormack, a Harvard graduate.
32 Nobel Peace Prize winners have stated that World Peace Day is a significant value as a tool for promoting peace, and as an event that allows anyone in the world, individual, organization or government, to contribute to the process of creating peace.

How do you celebrate Hello Day?
The goal on this day, celebrated in 180 countries, is for everyone to say "hello" to at least ten people, in order to convey a message to world leaders that conflicts are resolved through the media, not by force. This little gesture is meant to demonstrate, according to the creators of this special day, how communication can be helpful in resolving disputes and preventing conflicts.
If you want to take the idea one step further, you can think of a person in your life who is important to you, but you disagreed with him about something that is really not worth it. Time is a great doctor. Why not look back on your conflict and analyze it from the other side's point of view as well, see the faults and injustices that you are also responsible for and reconnect with that person to put the conflict behind you?
Many people do not know how good it really is to admit you were wrong and say sorry. Instead, they see such behavior as an expression of weakness, when in fact it is an expression of strength and self-confidence. People are often mistaken in thinking that the other person will lose respect for them if they apologize to him and this is also not true. Most people will respect you more because of the ability to admit your responsibility for the situation. It is worth making the effort and lending a hand for peace as a first step.

How do you say hello in other languages?

 Arabic - مرحبا (marhabaan)

Italian - Ciao 

German- Hallo

French- Bonjour

Japanese - こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa)

Hindi- नमस्ते (namaskaar)

Norwegian- God dag

Russian - Привет (Privet)

Spanish- Hola

Thai- สวัสดี! (S̄wạs̄dī)

Chinese- 你好 (Nǐ hǎo)

Hebrew- שלום (Shalom)

Greek - Γειά σου (GEIA SOU)

Korean - 안녕 (annyeong)

Romanian- Salut  

Polish- WITAJ

Swedish - Hej

Suahili- Sasa / Mambo / Jambo 

November 21 is also World Television Day

National I am in control day - March 30

The day titled "I am in control" was probably created following the assassination attempt on the 30th of March, 1981, by President Ronald Reagan.
Immediately after the incident, Secretary of State Alexander Haig declared to reporters: "I am in control here," which gave the impression that he was taking advantage of the situation as the president's replacement and lowering his horn in the eyes of the public. It is possible that Hague's unfortunate remark was taken out of context and deliberately emphasized by journalists, but it was enough to ruin his political career. Apparently the American people did not forgive him, so a special day was created to remember these words - "I am in control".
The assassin Brunald Reagan was John Hinckley, a mentally disturbed man who was in love with actress Judy Foster and tried to impress her. Reagan was injured as a result of a severe assassination by a bullet in the chest, but recovered and left the hospital after 12 days insisting on walking on his feet without support.

Despite the negative context of the phrase "I am in control", "I am in control" has a positive meaning - it is today to take control of our lives, make a situation assessment and start moving things and fixing the mess in our lives.
On "I'm in control" day you should start using daily plans, sorting out the paperwork, making rejected arrangements, dealing with neglected projects, making lists, learning organizational skills, asking for help in what we are not able to do alone, talking to someone, feeling confident with our decisions. Just do not forget - to be in control you have to take one step at a time, otherwise you lose control.

March 30 is also Pencil Day and Doctors' Day

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