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National Veggie Burger day- June 5

Burger is one of the most delicious and popular dishes for people around the world. But there is also a hamburger that is not made of meat, but of vegetables, and June 5 is the day of this hamburger - the veggie burger day.

The veggie burgers are very tasty, and sometimes those who eat them do not feel the difference between them and meat burgers.

There are many versions of vegetarian burgers, but what is common to all is that their ingredients are all based on plants. They are based on pulses, lentils, black beans, soybeans, nuts, seeds, quinoa, rice, vegetables such as sweet potatoes, cauliflower, corn, carrots and mushrooms.

With all due respect, the vegetable burgers are healthier than meat burgers.

They contain less saturated fat and therefore are not dangerous to the heart and blood vessels and have a high quality protein and fiber needed for the body.

Another reason to prefer a hamburger-

Perhaps you have heard of the "small" problem of the world called climate change.

One of the things we can do to help stop this process is to eat less meat, because the cows emit methane gas that is causing global warming.

If you like animals and don't want to hurt them, this is another great reason to prefer a vegetable hamburger, which does not include ingredients produced from the bodies of animals.

How to celebrate the National Veggie Burger day?

Today is the day to try the vegie burger if you have not tried yet.It's no problem finding it in restaurants. Look for a restaurant whose menu features a vegie burger.

You can also make homemade hamburger patties and eat in a bun with fries on the side (yummy!).

Today supermarkets also have plenty of plant hamburgers that contain nothing from animals.

World Vegan Day- 1 November

World Vegan Day is an event celebrated every year on November 1 by vegans around the world. The day was created in 1994 by Louise Ellis, then President and Chairman of the Vegan Society of Britain, to celebrate 50 years of existence, and also 70 years for the existence of the term "veganism".
Every day, more and more people around the world become vegans for reasons of morality, environment, health or all the reasons together.
On this day there are festivals and exhibitions around the world organized by vegans. There are also events such as vegan food stands, lectures and demonstrations.
Veganism is a term coined by Donald Watson in 1951. The reason for choosing naturalism is the ideology of protecting the rights of animals to live a good life without suffering and preserving the environment.

Veganism is a lifestyle of avoiding consumption of products that come from animals:
Avoiding food from the animal world: meat, eggs, milk and bees honey. 
Avoiding the use of products made of animal skins (including fur, wool and feathers) for clothing, footwear, textiles and furniture. Avoiding the use of products whose manufacturing process caused animal suffering like silk threads. Many of the vegans also object to the exploitation of animals for other purposes (such as transportation, circus entertainment) that directly or indirectly cause damage and even suffering to live and use products that have been tested on animals and caused them great harm. Unfortunately, there is almost no product category in the world whose manufacturing process has not caused animal suffering, and it is difficult to find products that will be clean from it. 

How to celebrate World Vegan Day?
Open your ears and heart and listen, learn about the subject without fear.
Listen to one of the most famouse lecture in the world: Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky:

Go to a vegan restaurant.
Go to a vegan event
Make a clean day, a day when you will not eat animals: no meat, no milk, no fish and no eggs.
Wear a Go Vegan shirt.
Go Vegan.

 November 1 is also Day of the Dead and Go Cook For Your Pets Day

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