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World Graphic Design Day - April 27

World Graphics Day, also known as World Graphic Design Day, is held every year on April 27, the founding day of the International Graphic Design Associations Council (Icograda) on this date in 1963. The purpose of World Graphics Day is to introduce people to the world of graphic design and its role in the world.

What would have happened if there was no graphic design? Imagine the world for a moment without this media - there will be serious chaos, right? It will be impossible to identify products wrapped in supermarkets, there will be confusion at train stations and airports, it will be impossible to get around on the roads, the internet will only be a pile of black letters on a white screen and there will be no games and Instagram and Facebook ...

Graphic design includes the design of printed texts, consumer product packaging, posters, advertisements, signs, layout, website design, TV interfaces, illustration, video, animation and more and more .... It shapes our world and influences our understandings, opinions, actions and decisions. Design determines the impact of information, whether it is through color, shape or style, from the smallest street sign and the websites we browse to the products we purchase or the books we read.

Graphic design is a branch of visual communication. Design is a creative process that usually involves the client and the designer, and is ultimately executed by the performer. The goal of graphic design is to convey a specific message to a target audience with the help of a combination of texts and images.

There are different methods of creating a combination of words, symbols and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. The graphic designer can use a combination of typography, visual art and page layout techniques to produce a balanced, focused and symmetrical end result.

On World Graphics Day, graphic designers around the world gather to celebrate in a variety of ways and hold a global dialogue and collaboration aimed at advancing the mission and vision of the Icograda organization. Today, the Icograda network spans 67 countries and regions, connecting media designers around the world who work collectively to advance the profession.

How to celebrate World Graphic Design Day?

Look around you and see how everything in the world, created by humans, is shaped in some graphic way. When you surf the Internet, pay attention to the small and big details: What is the font that the site uses? What are the colors, buttons, structure of the site? Look at the logos of brands you buy, behind every such thing stands someone, one or more, who has devoted deep thought to bringing it to its appearance. Everywhere you look you will see something that behind it is brainstorming, that someone has designed and devoted a lot of thought to and we usually take for granted. Today is the day to pay attention to the process of thought, imagination and execution behind things.

Try designing a logo or business card yourself. Maybe you want to study graphic design? It is without a doubt one of the most creative and required professions in the world and without it the world would be dull, monotonous and impossible to navigate. You can design an ad, poster or card and upload it to social networks with the hashtag #worldgraphicsday

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April 27 is also National Tell a Story Day and Freedom Day  

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