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Dress in Blue Day - The first Friday in March

Dress in Blue Day was initiated by Anita Mitchell, an American teacher who recovered from stage 4 colon cancer but lost a close friend and her father to the disease.
Mitchell wanted to raise awareness for early detection of life-saving colon cancer. In 2006 she worked with her classmates on an idea for a day of illness recognition. They came up with the idea that instead of the regular uniforms that should be brought to school all year round, on the first Friday of March they could come in blue clothes of their choice, provided they donated one dollar to colon cancer research.

Subsequently, every March became the month of awareness of colon cancer awareness.
The idea of ​​dressing in blue on the first Friday in March to promote disease awareness became national in 2009. Anita introduced the idea to the Colon Cancer Association and they enthusiastically promoted it throughout the United States. A blue star was chosen as a symbol for the memory of people who died of colon cancer.
Early detection of colon cancer significantly increases the chance of recovery.
Colon cancer has no visible symptoms in the first two to three years of development, so it is recommended that anyone over the age of 50, the age at which the risk of the disease increases, do tests to detect the disease, such as a stool test and a routine colonoscopy. People who have symptoms of colon cancer are advised to get tested even if they have not reached the age of 50.

The symptoms of colon cancer are:
A change in bowel habits, such as diarrhea, soft and mucous bowel movements, constipation, a change in the diameter of the bowel which lasts for more than a few days. A feeling of lack of vacancy. Rectal bleeding or blood mixed with feces, the blood can be red or walnut and even prone to black. Abdominal pain. Weakness / anemia due to iron deficiency. Weight loss. These symptoms can also indicate the presence of other diseases, but it is recommended to be tested anyway when they appear.
To prevent the disease one must maintain a healthy lifestyle: avoid smoking and obesity, exercise and eat healthy.
In 2011, Carmen Mark Valvo, an American fashion designer, partnered with the Colon Cancer Committee to promote Blue Dress Day.

How to mark Dress in Blue Day?

First of all, wear blue clothes that everyone usually has in the closet and tell people the cause, to encourage them to read and get to know the disease and go get tested. You can donate to the Association for the War on Cancer, you can donate hair to cancer patients and most importantly, promote awareness of the disease to prevent its tragic consequences.
In the photo: A guy dressed as a blue star during a happening to raise awareness of colon cancer, on the first Friday in March, in the USA (Source)

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