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Boss's day- October 16th

The boss's day, or the manager's day, is a secular holiday celebrated every year, on October 16 or the next working day, if it falls on Saturday or Sunday.

This day is intended to strengthen the bond between the employer and the employee, and it is customary to thank the bosses for being courteous and fair during the year. Boss Day is celebrated in several countries: USA, Canada, Lithuania and Romania.

Although this holiday is quite controversial, perhaps because not everyone feels the need and desire to celebrate it, but since it began, in 1962, it is gaining popularity.

It started in 1958, when Patricia Bays Haroski wrote "National Boss Day" at the US Chamber of Commerce, working as a secretary at State Farm in Deerfield, Illinois, and chose that date because it was her father's birthday.

Her goal was to improve the atmosphere at workplaces and show appreciation to her bosses she thought they deserved. It was also a strategy to try to improve inter-office relationships between managers and their employees. Haroski believed that young workers sometimes do not understand the hard work and dedication that their superiors are required to bring into their work. After all, the bosses are the ones responsible for getting the job done right.

Four years later, in 1962, the governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, declared this day as an official holiday in the country and over the years it became an international holiday that is also celebrated in countries such as Australia, India, Ireland and Egypt (which celebrate it on different dates).

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October 16 is also World Food Day and Steve Jobs Day

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