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Cranky Co-Workers Day- October 27th

You probably know them. Every office has these nervous, irritating workers with the bad temper and the short fuse who always have something negative to say.
These people you're glad when they don't get to work, no matter what the reason, because when they're with you in the room, they just ruin your workday.


Cranky Co-Worker Day is designed to raise awareness that these people exist in every office. This day is the perfect opportunity to release and bring out what you have suffered from them with your nice attitude.


  How to celebrate the Cranky Co-Worker Day?
  It is best to celebrate the day of cranky partners to work by not doing. Do not try to encourage them when they complain, do not try to convince them that the situation is not as bad as they see it. Just take away freedom and ignore them.
  You can also send them an angry cat's memes and wish them a Happy Cranky Co-Worker Day if you think it will not upset them too much.


Source: Grumpy Cat

On the other hand, you can also cooperate with them and complain with them about everything. You may find it fun to get all the steam out one day a year. Maybe it's nice to be like them, who knows?


Boss's day- October 16th

The boss's day, or the manager's day, is a secular holiday celebrated every year, on October 16 or the next working day, if it falls on Saturday or Sunday.

This day is intended to strengthen the bond between the employer and the employee, and it is customary to thank the bosses for being courteous and fair during the year. Boss Day is celebrated in several countries: USA, Canada, Lithuania and Romania.

Although this holiday is quite controversial, perhaps because not everyone feels the need and desire to celebrate it, but since it began, in 1962, it is gaining popularity.

It started in 1958, when Patricia Bays Haroski wrote "National Boss Day" at the US Chamber of Commerce, working as a secretary at State Farm in Deerfield, Illinois, and chose that date because it was her father's birthday.

Her goal was to improve the atmosphere at workplaces and show appreciation to her bosses she thought they deserved. It was also a strategy to try to improve inter-office relationships between managers and their employees. Haroski believed that young workers sometimes do not understand the hard work and dedication that their superiors are required to bring into their work. After all, the bosses are the ones responsible for getting the job done right.

Four years later, in 1962, the governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, declared this day as an official holiday in the country and over the years it became an international holiday that is also celebrated in countries such as Australia, India, Ireland and Egypt (which celebrate it on different dates).

Happy Boss's day greetind card (link)

October 16 is also World Food Day and Steve Jobs Day

Improve your office day- October 4

October 4th is celebrated worldwide as the "Improve your office day".
On this day, the office workers improve and upgrade their office environment.
If you have an old and shabby furniture, this day replace it, if you have a mess on your desktop, fix it today, if you have a dull and gray office, it's time to bring a potted plant, a nice picture or a cool gadget.
It is now the time to clean all the crumbs from the computer keyboard that fall there while you eat. Clean the computer screen and file old paperwork that just standing and occupies space.
Research shows that a pleasant good looking working environment contribute to effective and adequate work.
We didn't find the source of this holiday all over the Internet, but we found evidence that it exists and that is enough. Happy Improve your office day!

Nice and cool gadgets to boost your office:
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October 4 is also Vodka Day  

International Fun At Work Day- The Last Friday in January

The last Friday of January celebrates the fun day at work. It's a day to fool around, have fun, laugh, sing, dance, dress funny and whatever comes to mind at work.

"Work" and "fun" are two words we usually do not expect to find together in every situation, but it does not have to be that way. People with a positive spirit and a commitment to keeping their lives happy and full of light can find ways to have fun in everything.
Many people spend a significant portion of their lives at work, so why not try to enjoy it?

Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes, authors of "301 Ways to Have Fun at Work" say "organizations that incorporate fun at work have lower levels of absenteeism, higher job satisfaction, increased productivity and less downtime."
Book: 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work (link
Today is the time to do a chairs race, throw papers at each other, put on music, dance and sing in the office, put on gel nail polish, have a picnic and more (all within the bounds of good taste and with the approval of the management of course).
Tag this day on social media in the hashtag #FunAtWorkDay

Photo from the series: The Office, Source

10 Personality disorders at the office

1. The Chatterbox- The one who you're afraid to meet in the hallway. She is raping you to listen to every minor and marginal detail in her dull life, don't know to separate the chaff, and to her, all is important. Carries a long tedious monologues and not interested in response.

2. The Gossipmonger- Using other people's personal information as a weapon to promote himself. All day stirring a cauldron. Usually starts a conversation in "Just wanted to let you know." Tends to disguise his gossip as a concern: "I heard recently that Jane and her husband think about divorce. She seems so sad and it influence badly her performance. How can we help her, I'm very worried. "

3. The Sloth- Usually you'll find him searching the office without a goal, an emotionless facial expression and a package of blank pages in his hands. He does nothing but worry about being present at each staff meeting. He cares to look busy but if you approach him, he will always claim he has no time.


4. The Cheerleader - This girl has a weariless accumulation of energy. She's rattling herself around every second. All day telling herself and others about how she dedicated to her work and has no second to breathe. Identify her by the fake laughter heard for miles.

5. The Emotional - The emotional lives in constant fear of dismissal. Always think that nobody sees or appreciates her work. May cry uncontrollably at any given moment.


6. The Geek - He never sees sunlight. Usually lives in the basement of his parent's house reading and playing computer games. His only experience with women is Lara Croft. If you come to him with minimal problems like missing a toolbar, you get a four-hour lecture on information security. Playing every day on PS3 despite he was recently passed the age of fifteen. Comes to the office with a cup that says "There's nothing like mom." His house is full of computer parts scattered that he enjoys to dismantle and assemble again and again. Comes to the office in the morning with dark circles around his eyes because he spends his nights role-playing quests as heroes or Might & Magic .

7. The Foreigner Janitor - He is always from an exotic land. Although he immigrated two decades ago, he doesn't know a word in English (or at least that's what he says). You will find him lurking near the toilet all day cursing in his heart passersbys that destroyed the polish he made. Makes you angry glances every time you report that the soap runs out there.

8. The Girly Boy - Usually he's the only man that works in the human resources department together with twenty other girls. Usually you will find a flock of girls gathered around him and giggle. He replaces with them recipes in the work breaks. He drinks only diet and knows the difference between the Bazooka pink Fuchsia pink. Usually you will hear him gossip and say things like: "OMG did you see how Dana the bookkeeper gained at least ten pounds." He watches all the episodes of desperate housewives. He likes romantic comedies and wants to be Kylie Jenner's bff.


9. The Psychosomatic - Comes to the office in the morning and instead of saying good morning, opening the day with "my head hurts," which is to say during the day about 500 times an average. If you tell her to take a pill she'll say "No, no, I don't believe in pills." She is raping people to be empathic to her situation: "Wow! It was so hard for me to finish the presentation, I had eye sockets pressure, sinus and I started a little cough, but still managed by a human!". When she enters a doctor's appointment to complain about the fund feel unexplained throat and a beauty spot suspicious, the doctor sees on a computer that she was there two hundred times this month. Period is only five days a month, but you'll hear her complains about it all month. When she enters your room and begins to complain about her hurting back and, you secretly wish her in your heart to spend one day in an Egyptian prison and see what is pain.

10. The flatterer- He is always sucking up to bosses. He is the first to compliment them on a haircut or new clothes, he always agree with them, listening to them and laugh to tears for every old board joke they tell. You never know how he does it, how he became their best friend, and most frightens you is that he goes with them to have lunch, while you are eating alone or with junior members.

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