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National Day Without Bra- October 13th

A day without a bra is a day that began in 2011.

The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the importance of screening tests for breast cancer by encouraging women to go out without a bra.

The entire month of October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with its peak on Oct. 21, a pink dress-up day where pink events are organized and money is raised to improve breast cancer treatment and raise awareness of the disease.

Every year about 4,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. In the Western world, this is the most common malignant disease. Early diagnosis of breast cancer increases the chances of cure to about 90%. Therefore, the more women who know the symptoms of the disease and check with the doctor, the greater the chance of saving their lives.

The origin of the day without a bra is not clear, but if you search the web for # nbraday # you will get many photos and results related to this day, of women who participated on this day and removed the bra especially for him.

For the 13th of October, leave the bras at home and tell everyone why you did it, and raise awareness of the early detection of the disease, which can save lives.

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