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Cards playing day- December 28

Winter is in full swing, and the days and nights are cold and rainy. No one wants to leave the house. This is just the time to sit down with your family or friends and play card games in the warm home.

What is your favorite card game? Texas hold'em, Poker, Bridge, Blackjack, War or Solitaire?

It doesn't matter which card you like best, as long as you find someone to play with.

History of card games

There are many types of card games and it is difficult to know who invented the first card game. It is believed that the first card game was invented in China at about the time the paper was invented, and has since spread throughout the world through India and Persia. The oldest cards recorded in history were found in China in the seventh century CE.

Card games feature different cultures and peoples. There are gambling games like poker and blackjack, which are played in homes and in casinos. There is the Wist game from which the "bridge" game, originating in Britain in the 17th century, developed and characterized the upper class. There is the Solitaire game of French origin and it is a single card game.

There is a quartet game that is suitable for children and can be educational.

There are dozens if not hundreds of card games, so in honor of the day of card games, wear something comfortable, where at the table and played in a fun card game!

December 28 is also the Anniversary of dishwasher patent

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