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Nothing Day- January 16

The nothing day has been commemorated since 1973. The idea of ​​this day is literally not to do anything at all. In fact, there is no purpose or structure for the senseless celebration of this day.
The day of nothing was first proposed by the late Harold Coffin, a columnist for an American newspaper. He also set up an organization for nothing, registered in Capitol, California.
The Nothing Day is a satirical way of Coffin raising awareness that there are too many useless special days. As befitting, his organization still does not even have one meeting. The official celebrations of this day continued to stand as evidence of Coffin's ultimate failure.
So if on the day of nothing we do not actually celebrate anything, but still celebrate, we can say that we celebrate life itself. If you feel like it, you can have a party for no reason.
This day also raises some very interesting questions on the philosophical level. Can something really valuable come out of anything?

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