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Data Privacy Day - January 28

Data Privacy Day is an international holiday that falls every year on January 28th. The purpose of Data Privacy Day (called "Data Protection Day" in Europe) is to raise awareness and promote best practices for data privacy protection.
Data Privacy Day is "celebrated" in the United States, Canada, and 27 other European countries.

The Data Privacy Day Educational Initiative is focused on raising awareness among businesses and users, of the importance of protecting the privacy of their personal information online, especially in the context of social networks.
In addition to events and activities that encourage awareness raising, we are also promoting the development of technological tools that protect the personally identifiable information people enter online.

It's today to stop and think about how you can protect your privacy online so that your personal data is not exposed to anyone and take steps such as changing your privacy setting on social networks, clearing cookies from your computer that will prevent you from tracking online, avoiding filling out personal information on sites that ask you to do so. Justifiable reason and more.

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