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False Teeth Day- March 9

 False Teeth Day is celebrated on March 9 every year. False teeth or dentures are artificial accessories that are built to replace missing teeth. They play the role of biting and chewing in the mouth and also play an aesthetic-cosmetic role. They also maintain the proper structure of the oral and maxillofacial cavities. The dentures are supported by the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. The teeth can be removed by pulling them out by hand to clean or replace them, so they can be put in a glass of water for hours to be cleaned. There are also permanent dentures which are the dental implants.


There are partial or full dentures, that is, false teeth that replace some of the teeth in the mouth and teeth that replace all the teeth in the mouth. There are many types of false teeth: some are made of porcelain and some are made of plastic; Porcelain causes a feeling similar to natural teeth.

It is not known who created the false teeth day, but its purpose was to get us to go check our teeth and consider replacing our teeth if the condition is really bad, to maintain oral health. It makes sense that it was a dentist who invented this special day.

The fascinating history of false teeth

Our teeth and condition have almost always been a sign of how we live our lives. The ability to eat well and smile a beautiful, radiant smile depends on our teeth being healthy. Missing teeth can damage both speech and appearance. Dental health and hygiene at various points in history have been a sign of the wealth and power of man in society.


The first and oldest record of dentures is from the 7th century BC, in the Etruscan people who ruled northern Italy until the beginning of ancient Roman rule. It was discovered that they formed partial dentures from the connection of human teeth with animal teeth using a gold connector.

In the early 16th century, full dentures were invented in Japan. They were made of wood and the patient's mouth was measured using beeswax. Later the tree was replaced with ivory and the horns of various animals.

Pierre Fauchard, a French dentist nicknamed the "Father of Modern Dentistry" came up with the idea of teeth made from a metal frame and teeth carved from animal bone. Also use teeth taken from corpses, people from executions or cemeteries.

At the Battle of Waterloo, for example, in 1815, more than 10,000 soldiers were killed, most of them young and healthy. Many teeth were taken from their bodies. The bodies of hundreds of thousands of soldiers killed in the Battle of Leipzig in October 1813 were also taken for replacement.

In 1770 Alexis Duch√Ęteau invented the first porcelain dentures.


In 1820 a jeweler named Samuel Stockton began producing high quality porcelain dentures mounted on 18ct gold plates. But this option was reserved mostly for the rich.

Today the denture option has become more available and accessible. Many celebrities have dentures, including George Washington, Nicholas Cage and Celine Dion. When you look at their smile it is hard to tell that these are not real teeth, and the way to find out if someone has dentures or natural teeth is to look at pictures of him from past years and see if there is a significant change in their appearance.

How to celebrate False Teeth Day?

It is possible to celebrate the False Teeth day by making an appointment with a dentist or dental hygienist. Gum disease is also a cause of tooth loss and the need for replacement teeth. It is important to keep your teeth strong and healthy so that we do not need fake teeth. Dental diseases and decay can also affect our overall health. Heart disease, infection, pain, decreased concentration and lack of sleep are just some of the ways in which the body can be affected by dental problems. Learn about dental care and ways to protect it from falling or needing displacement. A healthy lifestyle also includes maintaining teeth and gums! To raise awareness for preserving our natural teeth, post pictures on social media on the topic of this day with the hashtag: on Twitter #FalseTeethDay and on Instagram: #falseteethday

March 9 is also Barbie Day and Panic Day

Dentists' Day - March 6

Dentists' Day is a day of appreciation for people who care about the health of our mouths and the integrity of our teeth.
We usually do everything we can to not see our dentist, and when it starts to hurt and there is no choice but to make an appointment, we are not excited to see him again, both because of the unpleasant treatment and because of the price.
Dentist Day is today to be nice to dentists and remember that they are just doing their job, so in honor of this day we will smile a wide smile full of white teeth at the dentist, and show him what good kids we are and how we take care of our teeth.

Some interesting and surprising facts about dentists:
Until the 20th century dentistry did not have a separate specialty in medicine and general practitioners also treated dentistry.
A dentist's chair from the beginning of the 20th century
Today dentistry is a broad medical-surgical field, with many specializations, dealing not only with the teeth and jaw but with the face, oral cavity and the base of the skull.
To become a dentist you have to study at the university for 6 years.

The first to practice dentistry were the Phoenicians who lived in the Lebanese area before the Bronze Age (3300 BC). The Phoenicians and Greeks were the pioneers in dentistry. Archaeological finds show that they used artificial teeth carved from ivory and attached to the real teeth with gold threads. They believed that what causes toothache are toothworms.
In the Middle Ages the treatment of diseased teeth was done by booksellers, blacksmiths, jewelers, blazers and others. Most of the time, those who were involved in extracting sore teeth were books.
In the photo: a tooth extraction in the Middle Ages

The first electric chair, intended for execution, was invented by Alfred P. Southwick, who was a dentist (Link).
Dentophobia is a fear of dentists. About 10-20 percent of the population suffers from it.

 March 6 is also the birthday of Oreo cookies and Frozen Food Day

Dentists coloring pages

 Free printable coloring pages of dentists and dental health. 

Choose the coloring page of the dentist you want to paint, print and paint for your enjoyment. To print the page you would like to color, click on page and then click Ctrl+P.

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