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Donkey Day - May 8

World Donkey Day is a day in honor of one of the animals with the longest history of human use in the equine family.
The domesticated donkey has been used by humans in many ways throughout history, as far back as 7,000 years ago, in carrying heavy loads in difficult and challenging areas and in any climate, even the most demanding. It was also used for carrying people, without any regard for the weight it carries on its back because of the high endurance it has and in various arduous agricultural jobs.

The donkey is mistakenly attributed two wrong traits: stubbornness and stupidity. Studies have found that this stigma is incorrect.
The reason for their stubborn standing in place is their intelligence and sensitivity to danger. The donkeys are able to think independently and make decisions in their favor, so when they feel something is wrong they stop and start digging with their heels in the ground. Donkeys also have an excellent memory. They are able to remember people and donkeys they knew from 25 years ago.
The word "donkey" is used as an insulting and disparaging phrase and there are phrases that use the word donkey to describe something inappropriate like "Like a donkey carrying books" to describe someone who stores knowledge but is not smart enough to use it, "donkey", "ass" or "dumbass" to say someone is particularly stupid or silly. After all the service that the donkey gives to humans during his life, is this the treatment he deserves?

The donkey is a social animal. They desperately need the company of other donkeys. A donkey that is not in the company of other donkeys will experience depression and may even die from it. A company of other mammals will also help the donkey overcome the feeling of loneliness.
When donkeys live in a herd, they tend to nurture and clean themselves.

The sound that the donkey makes is called bray. The male donkey is called a jack and a female is called a jenny or jennet. The donkey's offspring is called a foal.
Mule is a descendant of a donkey and a mare. The mule is a very strong animal, more so than the donkey and is a barren animal that is unable to give birth to offspring.
The lifespan of the donkey is between twenty and fifty years. The donkey eats plants and its digestive system is able to break down even plants that are not edible to humans. They are able to utilize 95% of the food they eat because they originally live in desert areas where there is not much vegetation available. They also take advantage of the moisture in the plants they eat to maintain the amount of water in their bodies.

How to celebrate World Donkey Day?
The best way to celebrate World Donkey Day is to learn about the donkeys and get to know them, and to teach other people about them, and let them know how wrong the stigmas are. Another great way is to help charities that rescue donkeys from abuse and neglect and give them a better life.

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