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Appreciate A Dragon Day- January 16

Appreciate A Dragon Day is a day in honor of the fire-spitting animals, the dragons.
Dragons are legendary creatures that appear in adventure stories, movies, plays and folk tales.
The image of dragons is similar to giant reptiles that can also fly. They are reminiscent of dinosaurs, snakes (especially spitting cobras), crocodiles, bats and giant lizards.

The creator of this special day is Donita K. Paul, a fantasy writer whose books star dragons. She created this day with the goal of encouraging people to learn about dragons.

There are peoples in whose tradition the dragons can be found. In China, for example, the dragon is a symbol of good news. It heralds the coming of the rain and symbolizes the yang.
In Jewish culture the dragon is associated with idols and therefore his mention in his stories or creation is considered foreign work.
In India the dragon is convoluted and has a cobra head, sometimes several heads.
In Wales in Great Britain there is a mythological story according to which in a long battle in which the Welsh king Vertigran was present, a red dragon defeated a white dragon. The red dragon symbolizes the Welsh (hence the national flag of Wales has a red dragon) and the white dragon the Anglo-Saxons. In this battle the victory of the Red Dragon foretold the defeat of the English in the battle against the Welsh.

Wales flag

How to celebrate Dragon Day?
Draw a dragon.
Take a picture with a doll or a statue of a dragon.
See a movie starring dragons.
Watch a TV series with dragons (like Game of Thrones for example).
Make a dragon doll.
Make something in the shape of a dragon and take a picture with it.

January 16 is also Nothing day and Freedom of Religious Day

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