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Awkward Moments Day - March 18

Embarrassing moments happen all the time and for everyone. But there are people for whom this happens more than others.
Do you know that something embarrassing happened to you that you wanted the earth to open its mouth and swallow you?
If so, Awkward Moments Day is just for you. This is the day to remember embarrassing things that happened to you or others and laugh about it, because to do embarrassing things is human.

If something embarrassing happens to you today, it's time to laugh about it and move on.

Collection of the most embarrassing moments in life:

1. It is embarrassing to ask someone when she is supposed to give birth and then she answers that she is not pregnant.

2. It is embarrassing to ask someone what he intends to wear to the event and then find out that they were not invited at all.

3. It's embarrassing when you'm in the middle of a conversation with someone and he accidentally spits on you and you wait impatiently for the conversation to end and he will go so you can clear it ...

4. Fail cookies- This moment you do not know whether to compliment the person who made these ugly cookies or tell him the truth.

5. It's embarrassing when you sit in the bathroom and shit and suddenly find that there is no toilet paper.

6. It's embarrassing when you fall and then quickly check if no one has seen and continue to walk normally, as if nothing happened.

7. It is embarrassing when you tell a child that he is really similar to his mother or father and then you are told that he is adopted.

8. It's embarrassing when everyone sings you a happy birthday and you do not know what to do with yourself.

9. It's embarrassing that you gossip about someone in an email and then accidentally send it to him.

10. It is embarrassing to meet someone, talk to him and not remember during the whole conversation what his name is at all.

11. It's embarrassing when you get stuck on someone on the way, and then everyone tries to move but in the same direction at the same time as the other and then it comes out like such a silly dance.

12. It's embarrassing to fart out loud in the bathroom of someone else's house, or in your own house when there are guests.

13. It is embarrassing to remember something embarrassing from the past and feel embarrassed about it again.

14. It is embarrassing when the teacher passes you in the middle of the test and you cover your test with one hand so that she does not see how stupid you are.

15. It's embarrassing to pry into someone's Facebook profile and accidentally like his post two years ago.

16. It's embarrassing to find out when you open the car door to get out that all the way half of the skirt / coat / garment was accidentally closed outside.

17. It's embarrassing to take the supermarket cart to someone else's.

18. It’s embarrassing to walk out of the restroom in a restaurant and find yourself walking around with a long trail of toilet paper.

19. It's embarrassing to talk to someone for a year and not find out that you do not know their name.

20. It's embarrassing to open a car door in the parking lot and sit inside next to the stunned driver and find out it's not the right car.

What is the most embarrassing moment you remember? Please send us more ...
Has anything happened to you from this list? To me the truth is that almost everything happened. What's the most embarrassing thing on the list?

March 18 is also Forgive Mom & Dad Day and Global Recycling Day

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