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World Farm Animals Day- October 2

Farm animals are animals that are raised for the purpose of benefiting humans.

There are farm animals raised to produce meat. Among them are cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and the like.

Some farm animals raised for milking purposes such as cows, or for laying eggs, such as chickens, etc.

There are also farm animals that are raised for riding or delivery purposes like horses and donkeys.

There are many more animals that a person grows for his needs, for different products and services.

Isn't it weird that living creature that feels and suffer is considered as product?

Farm Animal Day was set on October 2, the date of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the man who believed in the right of all living beings to live with dignity and without suffering.

The purpose of the Day of farm animals is to raise awareness of the suffering of farm animals and the catastrophic conditions in which they live in farms around the world.

How to mark the day of farm animals?

You can learn about the conditions in which animals live in cowsheds, poultry farms, pens, etc. on the Internet, reading or watching movies. This is the day to discover that the pastoral picture we are shown, of cows grazing in the field and chickens pecking berries in the yard - is false.

It is highly recommended to visit a farm for the rehabilitation and rescue of animals that grew up in the farm, to see and caress them and see how cute, sensitive and intelligent they are and how much they do not deserve to live a sad life full of horrors. Another great way to mark this day is to donate to one of the animal welfare organizations or farms that work for them.

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