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Peculiar People Day- January 10

Peculiar people are people who deviate from the norm. They are unusual, unconventional, doing things that are not acceptable in society, unpredictable, not boring and all in all - think and behave outside the box. The characteristics of the "strange people" can be positive or negative.
Peculiar People's Day is designed to celebrate the existence of the people who add creativity and interesting hue to our world, people who add colors to a dull gray world.

Being weird is not just a matter of appearance. True, strange people can look different from ordinary people. They can dress unusually, dye their hair in unconventional colors, have lots of tattoos or piercings and in short - be prominent in the field. But looking different is not enough to be weird. One should also behave strangely.
Strange people behave differently. They can be unexpected, react differently to events, interpret things differently, say things that an ordinary person is not expected to say, do creative and "crazy" things that no one else thought of - in short - be interesting.
Sometimes we shy away from different people because we do not know how to communicate with them and what to expect from them. Sometimes they can be a little embarrassing because of the attention they attract.
Peculiar People's Day is designed to appreciate those who do not fit into the accepted patterns. Those who think independently and dare to do the things they believe in without social filters.

How to celebrate Peculiar People day?
If you have strange friends, show them that there is a special day for them and that they are appreciated for their special contribution to the world. If you are strange in yourself, we have praised yourself for your daring to be real and different. Lucky there are weird people in the world, otherwise it would have been too boring here!

via GIPHY - Phoebe Buffay, the weird girl in the "Friends" series

via GIPHY- Cosmo Kramer, the weirdest member of Seinfeld's gang

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