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Creative ice cream flavors day- July 1

Since the dawn of history people have always loved to be creative and have done so in many different ways. There are those who expressed their creativity in painting, there are those in poetry and music and there are those who return ... ice cream flavors!

Since the first ice cream, which was probably ice with grape juice in the 18th century, has been invented, many new flavors have been invented, so that God will not get bored. 

Haagen-Daz produces new and surprising flavors of ice cream each year and there are many local boutique ice cream shops that create their own unique flavors.

On the day of the ice cream in creative flavors celebrate all the crazy flavors that have already been invented and those that are not yet waiting to go out into the world.

The reason for the selection of July 1 as the creative flavors of the ice cream day is unknown, apparently the source is ice cream manufacturers who want to promote the ice cream business on this hot day, which is the first day of the summer vacation and first day of the two hottest months of the year.

So how do you celebrate Ice Cream Day with creative tastes?

You can go buy a special flavored ice cream, like cucumber and basil ice cream, chili chocolate ice cream or red grapefruit.

If you come to Japan, you have an opportunity for more special flavors. Haagen-Daz sells ice cream in new flavors of vegetables and fruits, such as orange carrot ice cream and cherry tomatoes.

The cherry tomato ice cream combines the natural sweetness of the tomatoes with the fruit flavor of the cherries, which is supposed to emphasize the rich taste of the tomato.

The "orange carrot" ice cream takes the delicate taste of the carrot and adds to it the fresh citrus taste and the smell of the orange, which gives the carrot a sophisticated and refreshing twist.

  © Little Damage Ice Cream shop - Instagram : Link

At the Ice Cream Ice Shop "Little Damage Ice Cream shop" in Los Angeles, California, they sell carbonated ice cream, which is black ice cream, with a black goblet for goths and those with "Dark Soul".

In Hawaii you can eat purple ice cream and sweet potato with a twist of tropical fruits: If you don't have a place to buy special ice cream, then you can take an ordinary ice cream and turn it into a special and creative taste of your own, like ice cream with ketchup, mustard or pickles. Another possibility to celebrate this day is to have a party of creative flavors of ice cream and invite your family and friends to try.

July 1 is also Canada Day and International Jokes Day

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